This Was The Happiest 'BiP' Moment All Season, According To Kristina


Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise hasn't been filled with drama, but Kristian and Demi's reunion in Paradise is turning the tides. According to star Kristina Schulman, the moment they came together again "was the happiest moment" all season. And she's not the only one who thinks so: though fans have only seen the newly reunited couple together for approximately two minutes, they're already shipping them hard.

Demi came to Paradise to explore her feelings and to decide whether or not she truly wanted to be with Kristian, who she'd been dating before coming on the show. But when she saw her for the first time in weeks, she couldn't deny how strongly she felt. "The second I saw you ... It's you and it's always been you," Demi said. "And I want to be with you."

She thought going to Paradise would take her mind off of Kristian, especially after she met Derek and found out how great of a guy he is. But her exploration had the opposite effect — she couldn't stop thinking about the woman she'd left back home. Of course, Kristian was happy to see Demi, but after their initial excited reunion, she realized how upset she was that Demi shared romantic moments with someone else.

"I do trust her and need her in my life, and want her in my life," she said. "If my heart gets broken, that would be my worst nightmare."

But Demi promised to focus on Kristian and Kristian and alone, and she proved as much by telling Derek where she stood. It was a difficult conversation for them both, but overall, it went really well. She told him that she knew her heart was with Kristian, which meant they couldn't be together despite the wonderful time they shared. She assured him that her choice had nothing to do with him as a person, but instead, it was about her history with Kristian. Derek was hurt, but very mature and understanding. He even approached Kristian and spoke with her so that all three of them could be on the same page.

Then, Demi took Kristian back to the beach's main stomping grounds and introduced her to everyone as her girlfriend. Everyone in Paradise was so supportive and happy for them. "You have to stand up and give a clap," Dean said. No one could stop smiling at the sight of the couple's beaming joy.

To top off the night, Demi and Kristian were sent on a date to "rekindle their flame," where they had another difficult conversation. Kristian expressed her disappointment about Demi pursuing another person, saying she was hurt that Demi was unsure about what they had. "I would never do this for anybody else," Kristian said, referring to her decision to go on reality TV. She wanted Demi to know she was serious, and Demi made it clear that she understood.

"I want to commit to you," Demi told Kristian. "I love you." Once those words were exchanged, it's like a weight was lifted from their shoulders. Now, all they have to do is spend the rest of their time in Paradise having fun and falling deeper in love.