Kristina Threw Some Subtle Twitter Shade At Dean During Monday's 'Bachelor In Paradise' Episode

Paul Hebert/ABC

I fell in love with Dean when I was watching him on Rachel’s season of The Bachelorette. He was adorable and open and vulnerable. But now when I see him on Bachelor In Paradise 4, I’m not so sure. The way he’s been treating Danielle and Kristina isn’t so cool, and Kristina’s sassy Bachelor In Paradise tweets show that she was frustrated while filming the show, and is still probably frustrated to this day.

Kristina and Dean quickly became a couple at the beginning of filming. When production suspended, they took a road trip, and when production came back on, Kristina claimed that Dean was “different.” That happens. Things cool, chemistry fades. It’s OK. But when Danielle L, from Nick's season of The Bachelor, came onto the scene, Dean wanted to have his cake and eat it, too — he went on a date with Danielle, but told Kristina it wasn’t a big deal. He told Danielle he really liked her. He told Kristina that he and Danielle barely kissed. Are you sensing a pattern here? I don’t know if Dean has some sort of crippling decision anxiety or if he just wanted to smooch two beautiful, smart women at once, but his inability to be frank about his feelings and his intentions was unfair to both women. Every time Kristina tried to get an answer out of Dean, he demurred. Kristina has been an active tweeter this season while watching the show, and she couldn’t help but express her annoyance on playback on Monday when the episode showed Dean having indecisive, rambling, circular conversations with both women. Oh, girl, I’ve been there, and I could not.

Previews for the rest of this short season of Bachelor In Paradise show Kristina and Danielle both begging Dean for answers, and honestly, I can't blame them. I wish that each woman didn't have to choose a man to bring through to the next round, because I would have Danielle and Kristina choose each other and leave Dean's wishy-washy ways behind until he can grow a backbone. Triangles have pointy edges, Dean, which means someone gets hurt. Apparently, that person here is still Kristina, and her tweets are still less than forgiving. Maybe he should send her flowers or something and bury the hatchet.