Krystal Responded To Her 'Bachelor' Haters In The LONGEST Instagram Caption

Paul Hebert/ABC

Everyone season of The Bachelor (supervising producer: Deborah Read) or The Bachelorette (associate producer: Megan Kropf) needs a villain, and Arie’s season of The Bachelor quickly — and I mean quickly — found one. Krystal started things off as the sweet, cute fitness instructor from San Diego, and then things descended. Rapidly. Krystal is, to put it mildly, not making any friends on The Bachelor. Post-show, though, Krystal commented on her Bachelor behavior in, like, the world's longest Instagram caption.

It is probably very easy to get swept away in all that is being on a reality television show. You’re not really sleeping. You’re away from your friends and family. You’re away from your job. You don’t have a phone or know what’s happening in the world. It’s a lot! There’s also a lot of booze being handed out, so you say things you normally could keep inside and do things you probably wouldn’t do. Emotions are heightened. I have to think that that’s Krystal’s excuse for acting the way that she’s been acting on The Bachelor. In any case, I miss the days when The Bachelor’s villain was Corinne Olympios napping all day and talking about how much she misses her nanny back home.

So far, Krystal has managed to alienate, uh, everyone in The Bachelor mansion this season. She doesn’t even have one snarky friend to chat with. It all stems from this weird bragging thing that she does — Krystal got a one-on-one with Arie, and then she spoke faux-sympathetically about how sad it was that all of the women didn’t get time with Arie. Then, she, during a cocktail party, monopolized Arie’s time so that no one else got to hang out with him. Following this was her fuming about someone interrupting them with the good old “can I steal him for a sec?” This continues ad infinitum until everyone dies. OK, not really. But it is Krystal’s pattern, and it’s why she hasn’t earned much affection. Even fans on Twitter who don’t live in the mansion with her can’t stand it.

Fans never lie about their feelings, and fans on Twitter will not hold back. While that's probably a lot to hear, Krystal's behavior on The Bachelor hasn't been without its mean girl moments. I know that people aren't there to make friends, but why be so over-the-top about it?

In a recent Instagram post, Krystal recently revealed that she's seen what people are saying, and she's hearing it and accepting it. But it's not easy:

"Reading the comments on my posts over the past few weeks has been eye opening to say the least. The negativity and cruel words about my character and my appearance is something that I’ve never dealt with, especially not on a public platform. I let it get to me and I let it affect my sleep, my relationships with others and my passion for doing the work that I love. A close friend of mine gave me some good advice: to not delete the negative comments because it’s a part of my journey- thanks @heatherlysmith . As tough as it was at times filming the show, I’m so thankful for the experience because it’s allowed me to grow. I’m learning to take the good with the bad and becoming stronger as a result. I was humbled and thankful for the support that @oliviacaridi and some of my followers showed by taking a stand against bullying. I choose to stand up and say that negative words do not have power over me. I will not be a victim and I will not bully back."

Bullying is never acceptable, so the comments that mock Krystal's looks or voice aren't OK. Commenting or critically thinking about about her behavior is one thing, attacks are another. It seems now that Krystal is now herself thinking critically about the comments she received, and hopefully she'll learn from this journey that mean words exchanged on either side aren't OK.