Kyle Richards' Reaction To Receiving A Surprise Puppy Is Priceless — VIDEO


If you thought Lisa Vanderpump was the only Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star who adores dogs, you're wrong. Kyle Richards' reaction upon receiving a surprise Christmas puppy is the best thing you'll see all day. The Bravolebrity shared an Instagram video Thursday showing her walking into her home and being surprised by her family with the cutest dog you have ever seen. Seriously, LVP's Giggy and Harrison have some stiff competition.

Alongside the priceless video, Richards wrote, "Christmas came early tonight!! My family surprised me with this beautiful baby! [heart emoji] Never been so surprised in my life!" For real, she is beyond "surprised" by learning she is now a proud owner of the dog, who still needs a name.

The video opens up with Richards mouth dropping open and exclaiming, "Whose is that?" Then, through tears she says, "Are you lying right now? Wait, are you telling the truth?" Her family tries to tell her the dog belongs to her now, but it takes a little convincing before the reality star literally drops to the floor and snuggles the pup like she's never snuggled a pup before.

The best part of her reaction is Richards staring at the dog and saying, "What are you?" Yeah, she's already in love with her and I don't think any other Christmas gift she gets this year will beat this adorable pup.

Richards also shared the following photo of her new dog and wrote, "This is our new baby [heart emoji] so madly in love! We need help picking a name! She is 1/2 Newfoundland 1/2 Saint Bernard. Thank you @spotrescuedogs for allowing my daughters & husband to adopt this beautiful baby. We will love & cherish her [heart emoji] promise! #adoptdontshop"

I mean, look at that face. I'd also be overcome with emotion like Richards if I was surprised with a dog as cute this. Her family definitely did good.

I have a feeling LVP might just try to take Richards' new family member for herself, because who wouldn't want her in their life? Just go ahead and add her to any list out there of "cutest dogs ever owned by the Real Housewives."

Now excuse me while I go watch Richards' priceless reaction on a loop, because it is that fantastic.