Kyle From 'RHOBH' Addresses The Burglary & She's Not Letting It Get Her Down

Charles Sykes/Bravo

While the Richards-Umansky family was having what was presumably a wonderful time in Aspen back in December, a distressing news story broke: TMZ reported that Kyle Richards' home was burglarized on Dec. 28. On Tuesday, Kyle opened up about the break-in to Bravo’s The Daily Dish. While The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (camera operator: Meagan Stockemer) star and her family are understandably upset by this violation, they remain thankful for everything they do have — especially each other. Kyle told The Daily Dish,

"We first heard about the burglary when we were in Aspen and we were completely shocked. And it was just devastating. I'm very grateful that we're all OK.”

When it's all said and done, that really is what matters.

Back in October, Kyle and her husband, real estate giant Mauricio Umansky, moved out of Beverly Hills and into an Encino mansion. The home, which once belonged to music legend Smokey Robinson, cost the Bravolebrities over $8 million. According to TMZ, the burglars broke into their new place a few days before the New Year and made off with over $1 million worth of property. TMZ also reports that law enforcement sources claim this is linked to the other celebrity burglaries that've happened in recent months.

Kyle revealed that the security system was not active at the time of the break-in because the house was under construction, but they do “have a state-of-the-art alarm system, an amazing camera system going on.” The thieves reportedly stole watches, handbags, jewelry, her passport, and family heirlooms. Rather than hurry back to Los Angeles after the incident, Richards and her family opted to stay in Colorado for a few more days. She told The Daily Dish,

“The last place I wanted to be was home at that moment. So I decided to stay in Aspen with my family and try to focus on the fact that we have each other and we're happy and healthy and enjoy our vacation together because there was nothing I could do at home in L.A.”

She wasn’t raring to return to the place where the burglary happened, and who can blame her? Stolen property aside, the idea of strangers sneaking into into your home is such a gross and upsetting violation. If she and her family needed a moment before they were ready to go back to their house (and, you know, were fortunate enough to take that moment in Aspen), that is beyond understandable.

While Kyle is grateful that she and her family are safe and sound, she is still coming to terms with losing possessions that had sentimental value. "I keep telling myself, these are just things, they are," she said. "But it still really hurts a lot. My mom left me things she had collected her whole life, passed those onto me, and I wanted to pass those things on to my four daughters.”

For now, the RHOBH star doesn’t seem too keen on trying to replace the things that were taken. When her family suggested going shopping in Aspen after the burglary, Kyle wasn’t on board. She explained,

“After you've had so much taken from you, I find myself not wanting to buy anything else right now. I’m looking at things differently in this moment. I don't know how I'm gonna feel in six months or a year. But the thought of going out and spending a lot of money on a handbag or something like that now just is something that's not appealing to me because now I have this negative connotation with it.”

A few days after the burglary, Mauricio posted several photos of his family on Instagram, writing, “2017 Memories #family Nothing replaces Family. They can steal your belongings but they can’t steal your memories or your love.” The Richards-Umansky family may have ended the year on a lame note, the burglary won't get the best of them.