7 Of Kylie Jenner's Best Beauty Hacks You Need To Steal Immediately

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This new mama might have taken a few months off, but she's coming back to social media stronger than ever. When she's not showing off her over-the-top accessories, Kyie Jenner is sharing her best makeup hacks, and the beauty world loves it. She doesn't just know a thing of two about eyeliner, though. The Lip Kit queen has a whole lot of other tips and trick in her makeup arsenal, too.

If there's anyone that knows about beauty hacks, it's Jenner. Not only has she grown an almost billion-dollar company from the ground up, but she also inspired her sister to start her own line, too. The Kylie Cosmetics founder doesn't always share her hacks with fans, but when she does it goes viral.

The 20-year-old recently showed her fans how to get the perfect winged eyeliner without actually using eyeliner at all. According to the Instagram stories video, she uses an eyeliner brush and brown eyeshadow to draw in her own wing. After that she fills it in and applies the rest of her makeup. That's pretty darn savvy.

Of course, Jenner also knows a thing or two about applying actual eyeliner, too. She has plenty of Kyliners available for purchase on the Kylie Cosmetics website. Colors range from black and brown to yellow.

This is only the start of her makeup hacks. Jenner has been giving little hints on how to make makeup applications a little bit easier since before she even founded Kylie Cosmetics. While not all of them are as black-and-white as an Instagram Stories clip, you can spot her hacks in almost every image.

From how to layer on skin care to how to keep your makeup looking fresh all day long, Jenner has taught her fans a whole lot about the beauty world. And I'm not just talking about supplying them with different Lip Kit shades. Here are some of her best makeup hacks to date.

1. Tape Off Your Eyeshadow

This might seem like a no-brainer for makeup experts, but it was still quite a new trend in 2015, which is when this video was uploaded. Unfortunately, you can't see the entire tutorial from start to end unless you pay for the Kylie Jenner app. You can see her using some regular ol' tape in the beginning of the clip to get the perfect winged look, though.

2. Non-Liner Wing

This one is just too good not to see close up. At first glance, you would think this was liner, but it's actually eyeshadow. The application creates a softer look, as opposed to a dark, harsh line of liquid liner.

3. Apply Your Moisturizer With A Brush

You probably already know about putting on foundation with a brush, but Jenner actually applies hers with a brush. While she doesn't mention exactly why she does it in the video, it's definitely a great way to limit the amount of germs being spread around your face.

4. Combine Your Lip Kits

If there's one thing that Jenner loves more than Lip Kits, it's Lip Kits on top of Lip Kits. She's constantly blending colors together to make her lips look a little more luscious and create the perfect shade.

5. She's Specific With Her Browns

Not all browns are created equal. Jenner is very specific on which tones compliment her eyes. That's what actually inspired her first ever eyeshadow palette, according to her YouTube video. See her explain how she uses every single one in the video.

6. Powder Underneath Your Brows

I bet you didn't see this one coming. In the video of her doing her friend's makeup, she uses translucent powder underneath her friends' brow bone. It sets the concealer in place and keeps the under-brow highlight looking fresh all day long.

7. Let Your Mascara Hit The Skin Of Your Eye

According to this Classic Kylie tutorial, the key to mastering Jenner's mascara is letting the wand hit the skin when applying it to your eye. As the makeup artist says in the video, "it adds a little more."

Let's all say it together: Thanks, Kylie!