Kylie Jenner’s Fans Are Standing Up For Her After She Was Shamed For Going To Coachella

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Kylie Jenner went to Coachella this weekend. She's attended the music festival before, so it shouldn't have been a big deal. But since Jenner recently gave birth to her daughter, Stormi, everyone seems to have an opinion about her actions. Kylie Jenner was mom-shamed for going to Coachella — but her fans were quick to come to her defense.

Jenner gave birth to Stormi just over two months ago. And since her daughter's birth, she's shared plenty of information with fans about how much she loves her baby. Still, some people thought Jenner shouldn't be going to a music festival so soon after her daughter was born, and they were quick to share their opinions on Twitter and in the comments on Jenner's recent Instagram posts.

Not all of Jenner's fans were on board with the shaming, though, and they jumped to her defense on Twitter and Instagram. Some fans reminded the haters that it's Jenner's life, and she should be able to live it the way she wants to. After all, her parenting decisions are no one's but her own. (And just because she spent a few days at Coachella doesn't mean there's not a ton of love in baby Stormi's life.)

Other fans pointed out that after all of the time Jenner spent carrying Stormi, she deserves to take some time for herself.

And plenty of people were quick to remind the detractors that everyone should practice self-care, including (and especially) moms.

Some fans also pointed out that Jenner might want to keep Stormi out of the spotlight by leaving her at home.

And others pointed out that while Jenner appears to have had fun at Coachella, she could also have been working, too. Jenner may have earned money connected to her appearance at the festival — so in a way, the trip could have helped her provide for her daughter, too.

Unfortunately, backlash and mom-shaming like the comments Jenner has faced are typical for new parents, especially celebrities. Chrissy Teigen was criticized for going out to dinner shortly after her daughter, Luna, was born. Naturally, Teigen had the perfect Twitter response to the haters, say that they were passive-aggressive and calling them out via screenshots. Still, it shouldn't be the norm that new parents are criticized for seemingly every decision they make. Teigen is a devoted mom, and Jenner appears to be one, too — and taking some time for themselves is hardly a crime.

Plus, the mom-shaming doesn't stop for celebrities once their children are no longer newborns. Last summer, Kim Kardashian was mom-shamed for a photo she shared of her son, Saint West, in a car seat. The photo showed Saint in a front-facing seat, and many fans took it upon themselves to leave concern-trolling comments about Saint's safety. Comments like these can be informative for other parents — but they can also be hurtful and even catty in tone.

Parenting is stressful enough without having other people criticize your every move. And comments like these, even when those who leave them actually do mean well, can still be harmful. Celebrities' parenting decisions are their own and no one else's. And fans should respect those decisions, even if they don't necessarily agree with them. If Jenner wants to go to Coachella, that's her right — and Stormi was probably left surrounded by plenty of people who love her at home. Fortunately, it looks like plenty of fans are recognizing that Jenner deserves to do what she wants to do, and they're coming to her defense after the weekend's backlash. Hopefully comments like these fans' will deter mom-shamers from criticizing other celebrities' parenting styles in the future, too — that would be a win for everyone.