Kylie Jenner's Friend's Snapchat Names Will Help You Keep Up With Her Crew

by Mary Kate McGrath
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Kylie Jenner's spin-off series, Life of Kylie, premieres in July, but if you can't wait, the star is easy to find on social media. By checking out Jenner's friend's Snapchat names, fans can keep up with her famous crew as well. It's a well known fact that Jenner loves her tight circle of friends, and some of these pals are famous in their own right. Fans who follow Jenner on Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter probably love to see pics of her evolving style, endless world travel, and glamorous outings. For any of these occasions, whether it's a photo shoot, sitting poolside abroad, or walking down a red carpet, Jenner is likely to bring some friends. To keep up with the whole glamorous crew, here's a handy guide to their snapchat names.

While Jenner has many close friend's, it's pretty safe to say that her BFF is Jordyn Woods. The two are inseparable, and have done everything from crash a prom to work on a charity mission in Peru together. If you really want a closer look into Jenner's world, than Woods is a must follow. In 2015, she tweeted out her snapchat name, and it's "jordynnwoodss". The star posts regularly to her account, and often documents her BFF hangouts with Jenner.

While Woods might be the #1 bestie, Anastasia "Stassi" Karanikolaou is another one of the reality-star's close pals. In an Instagram video, Stassi revealed that her Snapchat name is "stassiebabeyy". Stassi is super popular on Snapchat, almost as much so as Jenner, and fans will often upload videos from her story to YouTube. The two share a similar sensibility when it comes to fashion and humor, and to check out their latest looks or whatever goofy Snapchat filter they are into this week, it's definitely important to follow them both.

While Stassi and Jenner definitely have a special Snapchat chemistry, she's not the only other friend worth a follow. Justine Skye has been a loyal pal to Jenner for a while, and often helps the star promote her cosmetics. When Jenner launched her new lip kit in 2016, Skye was one of the first to try out the products. If you want to stay ahead of Jenner's cosmetic ventures, then definitely add the model to your Snapchat friends.

Skye isn't the only person in Jenner's crew with a fashionable reputation, and if you want to complete the crew, bestie Hailey Baldwin is also worth following. Baldwin tweeted out her Snapchat name, which is "haileybisboring". Both Kendall and Kylie Jenner often hang out with Baldwin, and following her account is a good way to stay up-to-date with their regular outings.

For Kylie Jenner fans, it might feel like a long wait until her show premieres on E!. The series will be an inside look at the star's entrepreneurial adventures, but also her personal life. If you're really curious about Jenner's life IRL, and want to get a sneak peak into some of what the show might cover, it's definitely worth giving her star-studded crew a follow on Snapchat.