Kylie Jenner’s Pregnancy Q&A Let Fans In On Which Sister She Revealed The News To First & So Many More Details

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Kylie Jenner is finally giving fans the scoop about her pregnancy and motherhood. On Sunday, Jenner had a pregnancy Q&A on Twitter. She revealed which sister found out she was pregnant first and answered a bunch of fan questions about her pregnancy and newborn daughter, Stormi.

During the impromptu question and answer session, Jenner answered some inquires from fans who recently tweeted at her. She remained out of the spotlight during her pregnancy, shying away from social media and the reality television cameras, so there are still plenty of details fans still don't know. One of the major reveals from the session was that Khloé and Kourtney Kardashian were the first to find out she was pregnant. When a fan asked which sister she told first, Jenner said that she was pretty sure it was Khloé, though it may have been Kourtney.

It would make sense for Jenner to confide in Khloé, since the two sisters are so close. (Since Jenner gave birth a couple of months before Khloé is due, there's a good chance Khloé wasn't pregnant yet when Jenner told her.) In February, People reported that while she's always had a good relationship with Khloé, the pregnancy helped her bond with Kourtney, as well. "She’s always been closest to Khloé, but this pregnancy has helped her bond with Kourtney,” an unnamed source told the magazine. “She thinks Kourtney is an amazing hands-on mom, and that’s how she wants to be."

No matter which sister found out first, the whole family was there to offer advice and encouragement. When another Twitter user asked how Kris Jenner reacted to the news, Jenner wrote: "she was sooo supportive. I love my mama" with a heart emoji.

The rumors that Jenner was pregnant began in September 2017, but remained unconfirmed until, in early February, she announced the birth of her daughter on social media and clarified her need for privacy. The reality star and makeup mogul shared so much of her life online and on television that this was an experience she wanted to keep out of the spotlight. The announcement came paired with an 11-minute video documenting the nine months she was pregnant, and the video also showed her family and friends' support. "You have the most amazing mom," Kris said speaking directly to Stormi before she was born, "and you're so lucky. This is such a blessing".

In addition to sharing her family's reaction to the pregnancy news, Jenner also answered a lot of fan questions about the nine months she wasn't sharing on social media during her Q&A. One fan wanted to know whether or not she was scared to give birth, and asked, "Were you afraid of giving birth? I'm just a year older than you and this is my number 1 fear about having a baby". Jenner replied, "I wasn’t afraid! & you shouldn’t be either. We were made for this" with the strong arm emoji.

She also said that she initially felt she was having a boy, and that the worst part about being pregnant was not being able to eat sushi. However, there were plenty of foods she could eat, and she also shared some of her cravings, which included In-N-Out, doughnuts, and Eggo waffles. She reported that the waffles were the number one and most surprising craving, writing, "I never liked them before i was pregnant & haven’t had one since i had her. so strange! Lol".

Fans were also eager to know how Stormi Webster is doing, and how Travis Scott feels about fatherhood. When one fan asked what her favorite part of Stormi was, Jenner said everything, but her tiny toes were the cutest. When asked how Scott was with Stormi, she said simply: "he's the best." She also was happy to report that Kim's newborn daughter, Chicago West, and Stormi were already best friends.

In recent weeks, Jenner has become much more open to sharing baby updates on social media. Keeping the pregnancy private definitely sounds like it was a healthy choice for her, but now that the baby is born, it seems fans are going to get plenty of pics and updates. When Stormi turned one-month-old, the makeup mogul posted a couple photos with her daughter. She also recently shared some sweet pictures of her grandmother MJ holding the baby. The Instagram post was captioned: "i mean.. does it get any better than this?"

It was difficult for Jenner fans to live in suspense after the baby rumors started, but it's nice that the star gets to share updates on her own terms. She's been pretty open on social media since Stormi was born, and it seems like she's happy to post a few adorable baby pics and answer some Qs on Twitter. The question and answer session definitely revealed some new details from her pregnancy, and fans seem thrilled to be in the loop.