This Mother’s Day Card Kylie & Kendall Gave Kim Before She Was A Mom Is Ridiculously Sweet

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Kim Kardashian's Instagram account is the gift that keeps on giving, especially with all of the vintage photos she uploaded to Instagram Stories this week. In between sharing images of herself and her siblings from their younger days, Kardashian shared a Mother's Day card Kylie and Kendall Jenner made her in the past, before she became a mom herself. The handmade card is super sweet and shows just how close the sisters are.

It's not clear from Kardashian's Instagram story exactly which Mother's Day the card is from, but it's not about her actually being a mom to any of her three children. Instead, the card focuses on how Kardashian was like a mom to her younger sisters, looking out for them as they grew up. The card is a little silly — the front features stickers and photos of the trio swimming and at a pumpkin patch, and Kardashian herself says the card is "the funniest thing ever" in the Instagram video — but the Jenner sisters' messages for Kardashian are from the heart. Each of them praised Kardashian for her influence on them over the years, with Kendall even writing that Kardashian "helped raise" her. "I see you as a mommy to me," Kendall wrote to her big sis.

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Here's what Kendall wrote to Kardashian in the Mother's Day card:

Kimmie, I know your [sic] not a mommy yet, but I see you as a mommy to me! You helped raise me when I was little and your [sic] always there for me and Kylie, that's why we made you this card! Kimmie I LOVE YOU! And thank you for always being there for me and loving me! Love, Kendall

Kylie message for her sister was similar, thanking her for her support over the years:

Kim-bertshnickle, I do love you very much and I know your [sic] not a mommy but you can always adopt. Or have kids right now. I'm just kidding. But I didn't make this card because you can be a mom but that you are always a mom to me and your [sic] there for me and you support me on whatever I do and you teach me right from wrong. I love you big sissy ❤️, Kylie
Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Kylie and Kendall's sweet words for their big sister — as well as Kylie's unique nickname for Kardashian — show how influential she was on her younger siblings over the years. There's a fairly significant age gap between Kardashian and her younger siblings. But based on what they wrote in the card, that doesn't mean she and her younger sisters are any less close.

Aside from the Mother's Day card, Kardashian also shared plenty of other throwback photos in her epic Instagram story. One of the collages she made in high school, for instance, reveals that she and Jake Gyllenhaal were friends (or at least knew each other) while they were growing up in Los Angeles. Kardashian also shared plenty of photos of herself with her friends in high school — braces and thin eyebrows included. (It was the '90s, after all.)

And as far as motherhood goes, Kardashian has been just as complimentary toward Kylie as her younger sister was toward her in the card. In February, Kardashian congratulated Kylie on the birth of her daughter, Stormi Webster, writing in a post on her website that Kylie will "be the best mom."

"I am so proud that you do what you want to do and live your life the way you want, you will pass down all of those amazing qualities to your baby girl," Kardashian wrote for her sister. It's clear that she's just as proud of her younger siblings as they are of her, and it's sweet to see how their bond has grown over the years.