Lady Gaga's New 'A Star Is Born' Song Is Like Nothing You've Heard From Her Before

"Is that alright?" It's the question Lady Gaga posed to fans on Tuesday, Sept. 24, but it was also a clever way of teasing the new Star Is Born song of the same name. On the soaring ballad "Is That Alright?," Lady Gaga sings about a simple love between "a little boy, a little girl" and gets fans even more excited about the A Star Is Born soundtrack, which she will reportedly continue to tease before the film hits theaters on Oct. 5. Why yes, Gaga, it is totally all right.

In the minute long clip, Gaga's Ally is the struggling star who waitresses all day and soothes her musical soul in the club at night. Of course, that's where she runs into Jackson (Bradley Cooper), who is already a country music star but needs to make a change. And he finds what he's looking for in Ally, and in turn, she finds something she needs in him.

"I want you to look right into my eyes/ To tell me you love me, to be by my side," Gaga sings on the track, which has her longing for a forever kind of love. "I want you at the end of my life/I want to see your face/ When I fall with grace at the moment I die/Is that alright?"

As emotional as this song may be, the footage, which looks like a home movie, may be even more so. The clips of Ally and Jackson working together, performing together, and eventually getting married should also get you feeling so many things. Seriously, grab the tissues for when you get to Cooper bawling into his hands as Gaga gently pushes his hair behind his ear. Oh, so many feels.

Thanks to the trailers for A Star Is Born, fans have heard two songs off the soundtrack: "Maybe It's Time" and "Shallow," which quickly gave the internet the Gaga meme that pokes fun at her wail of "haaa ah ah ah." While there's little of that on "Is That Alright?," there are some wonderful Gaga-isms to listen for, like that gorgeous full-throated crescendo that many will try to recreate in their bedrooms.

What Gaga does give in each of these songs is a lot of heart, which is to be expected from her. Hopefully, your heart will be able to handle hearing even more songs from the movie since it's been reported that additional songs off the A Star Is Born soundtrack will drop this week, including "I Want Your Love," which has Gaga teaming up with Chic, and the full version of "Shallow" featuring both Gaga and Cooper, who does all of his own singing in the movie.

It was actually Gaga's suggestion that Cooper sing live. At the Tribeca Film Festival in April, Vulture reported that Cooper said that Gaga told him early on she hated watching films in which actors clearly lip-synced to pre-recorded tracks. "She's right! [Singing live] was terrifying, and I really relied on her," he said. "I spent about a year and a half taking vocal lessons and preparing."

That preparation might lead to an Oscar since Vanity Fair has already said A Star Is Born is the movie to beat. At the very least, any of these original songs could be a nominee at the Oscars, which is known to reward musicals with the top prize. So yes, there's a possibility that this film won't only mark Lady Gaga's feature acting debut, but earn her an Oscar. And that would definitely be all right, too.