Lady Gaga Is Making Another Big Accomplishment

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Sunday night's Super Bowl may have been an exciting game, but for a lot of people, it was all about Lady Gaga's halftime performance. After singing a medley of her greatest hits with the help of actual drones and plenty of glitter, the Joanne singer announced her next world tour, and now that the full list of dates are available, it appears she's breaking new ground with one of her venues. As it turns out, Lady Gaga is the first woman to headline Wrigley Field since 2005 when the stadium first started hosting music acts, and it's just another stop on the record-setting streak she's been on lately.

According to Chicago news site DNA Info, Gaga's concert on August 25 will make her the first female headliner the stadium has ever had, which is obviously a big deal. It's hard to believe that a legendary baseball field like Wrigley wouldn't have seen a woman command the stage in the past 12 years, but as the site notes, women have performed as openers before — like Kelly Clarkson and Miranda Lambert — but none have actually been the main event like Gaga is set to do.

And even though crashing through this particular glass ceiling is fantastic, it's not surprising at all that it's not the only record she's set over the past few months. Hello, this is Gaga. It's what she does.

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In October, the massive amount of sales of Gaga's latest album, Joanne, put her at the top of all kinds of lists for the year of 2016, but the bigger record involved the entire decade. According to Billboard, Joanne made Gaga the only woman to have four number one albums in the 2010s, surpassing Beyoncé and Taylor Swift, who both had three each.

And on top of that, Gaga's halftime performance set a record all by itself, as well. In the history of the Super Bowl, Gaga is only the fifth woman to headline the show ever. In fact, when Madonna played the halftime show in 2012, she was only the second female ever and the first since Diana Ross' performance in 1996. So if you needed more reasons to be impressed by her — and at this point, I don't think anyone did — there they are.

Even without considering these accomplishments, it's hard not to admire Gaga — especially after the performance she gave Sunday night. I have a feeling 2017 is going to be a good year for her... and a good year for the rest of us who get to see her continue to kill it on stage. More drones, please!