Lady Gaga Is Launching Reusable Winged Liner Stickers That She's Been Wearing For Years

Haus Laboratories

When Lady Gaga announced her beauty line earlier this summer, there was one glaring item missing in her collection: eyeliner. But when Haus Laboratories officially launched on Sept. 17, Lady Gaga reveled three never before seen eye products as a surprise. The most standout item from the unexpected eye trio is the brand's Armor Wingtips stickers. The Armor Wingtips are part of the Eye Armor Kit, which retails for $35 and offers two products that will work together to create the perfect cat eye.

In the kit, customers receive the Liquid Eye-Lie-Ner, which is a matte, black, waterproof liner, and the Armor Wingtips, which are winged liner stickers. Since creating the perfect cat eye flick is hard, Lady Gaga created a short cut in the form of a decal. The kit includes 10 pairs of reusable wings. Yes, reusable.

To apply the stickers, according to the brand's website, you add the wings to the bottom of your upper lash lines and pat them into place. You can use a pair of tweezers for more control while applying the adhesives. Then draw on a connecting line on your lid with the matte liquid liner, and you're out the door with perfectly symmetrical wings.

Haus Laboratories

Not all winged liner is created equal. Sometimes you want a more subdued flick, while other times you want a cat eye with more drama. Lady Gaga has thought of every winged instance.

The Armor Wingtips package comes with two wing shapes, amounting to five pairs of each shape in each kit. One look is the standard, thick cat eye with a shorter flick, and the other has a longer wing with a thinner line.

Haus Laboratories

The winged stickers are also easily customizable. Sarah Tanno, Lady Gaga's makeup artist and Haus Laboratories' global artistry director, tells Bustle that she likes to trim the Armor Wingtips for different effects. You can make the thicker lines thinner, or the longer flicks shorter with the help of eyebrow scissors. You could also play with the angle of the flick, depending on how you cut the sticker.

The idea for the stickers came from Lady Gaga's own experiences. Tanno has been using makeup adhesives on the artist for years, mainly because Tanno quickly learned that Gaga wanted super fast makeup changes.

“She wanted me to do an eyeliner change in 30 seconds, with a wig being put on, while trying to change mics, while I’m standing over to the side thinking, I’m just going to poke this girl in the eye," Tanno told The Cut.

To help streamline the makeup process, Tanno called Phyllis Cohen of Face Lace to create the makeup stickers. These adhesives included different eyebrow and eyeliner shapes, and they allowed Tanno to just pop them onto Gaga's face with the assurance of a flawless application each time. Lady Gaga wanted to share that innovation with her fans, especially since she knew that the adhesives worked — even during a sweaty performance.

Haus Laboratories

The Armor Wingtips can solve a whole host of issues. They're perfect for a night of dancing since sweat won't make the stickers run like liquid liner. They're great for mornings where you don't have a lot of time, and they will be a life saver for those who can never create symmetrical wings. Get your wing on.