Lady Gaga Shared A Very Moving Goodbye Message For Her Horse Arabella

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; Lady Gaga/Instagram

This weekend was one of mixed emotions for Lady Gaga, who lost one of her close animal friends. On Sunday, Lady Gaga shared a goodbye message for her horse Arabella on social media, and the note showed just how meaningful the pet was to the star. The bad news came shortly after Gaga attended the Critic's Choice Awards, at which she was nominated for her performance and music in A Star Is Born.

At the ceremony, Gaga took home the award for Best Actress and Best Song, but unfortunately received word her beloved horse was sick later in the evening. According to Entertainment Tonight, she opted to skip the post-show events and parties to make it home in time to say goodbye.

After the Critic's Choice Awards wrapped, Gaga posted a special message about the horse on Instagram and Twitter. She included a picture of herself riding Arabella near the ocean, captioning it, "Goodbye, my angel" with a broken heart emoji. Gaga also included a lengthy message about Arabella, writing:

"I am so honored and blessed to have won both Best Song and Best Actress alongside Glenn Close this evening. My heart is exploding with pride. But it saddens me to say that just after the show I learned that my dead angel of a horse, Arabella, is dying. I am rushing to her now to say goodbye. Her name means ‘yield to prayer’. She is and was a beautiful horse. Our souls and spirits were one. When she was in pain, so was I. I will never forget the moments we shared. Long hikes together, galloping through the canyons. Feeding her cookies. She will forever be a part of me. I am so very sad. But I wish for your pain to end, and the gates of heaven to open for. I love you. Girl, where do you think you’re goin?"

Arabella was Gaga's first horse, and she adopted the pet after moving to California, according to V Magazine. Her record label bought her the pet, an Arabian mare, because she'd developed a special connection to horses after moving to the sunny state. "I had never taken a horse-riding lesson. I literally did not know how to ride a horse. But I just grabbed her by the mane and rode her bareback," she said. "She’s so well-trained that when I was about to fall off her, she stepped to the side to collect me."

The pop star also bought the horse a partner named Trigger, whom Gaga loves but does not have as close of a bond with, as reported by V. It's clear how much of an impact Arabella had in the singer's life, and riding was both grounding and a source of inspiration. "I go on trails, ride, gallop, I’m not a ‘planning’ type of horse rider," she told V Magazine. "I wake up, write songs, go for a ride.”

On Sunday, Gaga posted another photo with the horse on Instagram. In the picture, she sits at the piano while the mare looks on. On social media, fans continued to offer words of support for the singer as she mourned the Arabella.

It was a bittersweet weekend for Gaga, but it seems she has a strong support system in place to ensure she will be alright after the loss.