Lala & James’ Friendship Is Over & It’s Actually “Not About The Pasta"

When Lala Kent and James Kennedy got into a heated argument after Lala said she ate some of James' girlfriend Raquel Leviss' pasta during the most recent episode of Vanderpump Rules, it seemed like the perfect material for some hilarious memes. But surprisingly enough, it got much more serious than that. Lala announced the end of her friendship with James on social media, and he says he was completely blindsided. The demise of their relationship wasn't something that was kept private for the sake of a story line in episodes to come; this just happened after the episode aired. Lala admitted that watching the Monday, January 22 episode and reliving their exchange is what actually led her to stop being friends with James.

After telling James that she ate his girlfriend's pasta (yes, that's really what started this whole fight), they argued back and forth and James told Lala, “Honey, honey, you f*ck a fat man because he pays for your rent.” Anyone who watches this show knows that the easiest way to infuriate Lala is by insulting her man, Randall Emmett. She stormed off and they argued outside of the restaurant where the were supposed to be having lunch, something that rarely happens on reality TV shows thanks to explosive arguments.

Following the episode, Lala tweeted a screen shot of a long note that she wrote, ending her close friendship with James. She wrote,

Tonight's episode is nothing short of cringeworthy. James has always been a dear friend of mine. I make sure I baby him, I make sure he always knows I'm proud of him and I've been nothing but kind to his girlfriend. I don't need to say this, because it's been seen since the beginning. I am constantly forgiving for whatever venomous words he decides to throw at me.

Reflecting on the specific argument from the episode, Lala continued,

I remember the day that he attacked the person I love the most. The person that is my human. My everything. The one I would die for, and live to protect.

Lala and James made up after the argument, but watching the episode and reliving the exchange really got to her. Lala admitted,

I let it slide for some reason.... maybe out of shock. After rewatching it, reliving it, and then dealing with this constant attack's [sic] on a regular basis, I'm sadly mourning the loss of our friendship.

This was a very public way to end a friendship with someone. Why didn't she just text him or meet up for a discussion over pasta? Apparently, he was completely caught off guard, because James then posted a Twitter note of his own.

James wrote,

Woke up today totally blindsided by Lala telling me she is distancing herself from me and isn't celebrating my bday with me.

That first sentence might make you feel a little of sympathy for him, but he didn't stop there. James shared,

I find it very hypocritical for her to constantly pretend like she's best friends with Katie and Kristen, who have done nothing but talk sh*t about her and her man for 2 years, but god forbid I let me temper get the best of me and she decides she needs to publicly bash me.

He did apologize for his comment during the same scene on the show, and they've hung out a lot since then, something they documented in many Instagram photos.

James remained hopeful about a possible reconciliation:

Lala will always be a special person to me and maybe we can talk just the 2 of us instead of blasting me on twitter :/

For the most part, these two have always gotten along pretty well, so they really do need to take this off Twitter and just hash it out.

That said, this wasn't the first time that the two of them have been on the outs. During a March 2017 episode of the Juicy Scoop With Heather McDonald podcast, Lala discussed why it's difficult for her to be best friends with James. Lala said, "Yeah. I would say he’ll always be a dear friend to me. There are just certain things that he does where he gets into a zone and I like to make sure that my friends aren’t a liability.”

During Part 2 of the podcast, Heather McDonald asked Lala (at the 41 minute mark), "So what was all the nondisclosure agreement stuff that went on?" This is in reference to Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute claiming that Lala had Ariana Madix, Tom Sandoval, and James sign nondisclosure agreements while they were at Coachella with Lala's then-secret boyfriend.

Lala admitted, “That I went back and forth with and then just finally told the truth about it. I came up with those strictly for James because he’s reckless at the mouth. I tell him anything and everything as he does for me and I just sometimes do not trust what he’s going to say when he’s upset ... especially on camera.”

Even though Lala doesn't want James talking about her relationship, which seemed to be going well until that instantly infamous pasta fight, she has commented on his. In an interview with Bravo's The Daily Dish, Lala was asked about James and Raquel's relationship. She said ("with a laugh", according to The Daily Dish), "I think whatever he wants to do is what he should do."

It makes sense that Lala would be upset after James made a mean comment about her relationship. It's also rational that she would get emotional watching that scene months later, but these two went from being the outsiders on the show who no one wanted to be friends with to being legitimate cast members and friends of their co-stars. They were so close that Lala even named a shade from her lip gloss line after him.

The support and love has been a two-way street for James and Lala throughout the years. He has posted to promote Lala's music and has referred to the two of them as "real friends" and "best friends" plenty of times on social media.

It would be a shame if they ended their friendship over a flippant remark that James immediately apologized for. Lala has received way harsher relationship criticism throughout the years, and it really does seem like James adores her as friend. And if they don't make up, they will definitely battle it out when they film the Vanderpump Rules Season 6 reunion.