Lala Kent Denied Dating A Married Man On The 'Vanderpump Rules' Reunion, But She Doesn't Owe Us Any Answers

Nicole Weingart/Bravo

There are a lot of burning questions that Vanderpump Rules fans have been waiting to hear answered on the reunion specials. One question that has plagued the entire season and far beyond it has been regarding Lala Kent and her relationship, or rather the fact that she's staying private about who she's seeing. During the Vanderpump Rules reunion, Lala didn't answer any questions about her relationship, and, honestly, she doesn't really have to.

The thing is that Lala isn't technically on the show anymore. If you remember, she walked off and said she didn't want to be a part of it anymore. Of course, she complicates the whole situation by continuing to show up for reunions and such, but whoever she is dating didn't sign up for the show at all. Do we all want to know who the mystery guy is? Yes. I know that I am totally curious. But it is her prerogative to give the details or not, and she has chosen to remain private.

The only information that Lala would give to Andy was that she wasn't dating a married man. Of course, that is what she has maintained from the beginning but the rest of her answers make it seem like there could be a lot more to the story. She herself said that it wasn't as simple as her boyfriend just not wanting to be on the show. This had led some people to allege that there is something that he is hiding. Speculation is nasty, but it is inevitable in this situation.

Still, no matter what fans (or her cast members) may think of her and the mystery guy, she doesn't owe the answer to any of us.