Netflix Isn't Done With 'Las Chicas Del Cable'

At this point, you can find almost every kind of series in Netflix's collection of originals: comedies, crime dramas, animated series. And the streaming service is about to premiere Las Chicas Del Cable, a Spanish-language period drama about the women working in Madrid's first phone operating service. There's definitely an audience for a feminist period drama like this one, but will Las Chicas Del Cable return for Season 2?

According to Deadline, Las Chicas del Cable was renewed for a second season, but the fact is that Season isn't even over yet. The first eight episodes of Season 1 will debut on April 28, and the entire season will have 16 episodes, according to The Hollywood Reporter. It looks like Las Chicas Del Cable will be distributed a lot like The Get Down, which split its first season in two as well.

If The Get Down is any indication, there will probably be a wait for more Las Chicas Del Cable. It took 10 months before The Get Down returned for Part 2, and both series are period pieces with large casts shot in expensive locations.

Unfortunately for those wondering when they can expect the second eight episodes, Netflix hasn't made any announcements about the future of Las Chicas Del Cable beyond the first batch. But there's no reason to rush more episodes. The series is an ambitious, intriguing project, but it's far from Netflix's only enticing original series. Here are a few more international recommendations that will make staying subscribed totally worth it.


Netflix's first German original series is a mysterious thriller with a dark, rainy atmosphere. That should be appealing to those who couldn't get enough Broadchurch, Happy Valley, or The Returned.


This Italian series is Netflix's first foray into original programming in that country. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Suburra will premiere in 2017, continuing the story of a 2015 film about "a grueling battle over a seaside town outside of Rome, which is to be developed into a gambling paradise."


Part House of Cards, part Gomorrah, this political drama from France is another streamable drama that will hook you if political intrigue, illicit mob deals, and shows where the fate of an entire city hangs in the balance have huge appeal.

Club De Cuervos

Another Spanish-language Netflix original, this one from Mexico, it's considerably different than Las Chicas Del Cable, since it's a goofy comedy about a soccer club.

The Crown

And if you're looking for beautifully designed period costumes and production design, The Crown is a perfect choice. Not only is the beginning of Queen Elizabeth II's reign gloriously reproduced visually, it's also immersive enough to make even the least fancy viewers feel like they're in the shoes of the royal family.


This is another dark, murderous drama, and another European original. Add this ITV British co-production to the pile of worthy things to catch up on after streaming the first installment of Las Chicas Del Cable.

And keep an eye out for the next eight episodes of the '20s-set drama on Netflix.