Last Minute April Fools' Day Pranks To Play On Instagram In 2017

Remember back in the day when we'd used AOL Instant Messenger to carry out our April Fools' Day pranks? "At the mall w/Jtt <3 BBL" or "OMG i CaN't BeLiEvE I gOt A PuPPy!" or "I can't believe I got cast on The Real World!" Basically, whatever crazy fantasy dream we had, we'd make a reality online for a few hours. We'd just leave the message up and sit back and laugh as our friends sent "OMG NO WAY"-esque messages to our screen. It was just some good, light-hearted fun that never hurt anyone.

And then the away message graduated to the Facebook status update. We took our April Fools' Day jokes to the Facebook newsfeed for more than our friends to see. But now, it's time to integrate Instagram into the April Fools' Day social media prank mix. The truth of the matter is that everyone's on Instagram all day. So you have your biggest audience there, and no one's going to miss the prank. Though some people might think it's real, because we're all a little unfazed by the content we see on Instagram. Nonetheless, here are a few fool-proof April Fools' Day pranks that you can plan on your friends using Instagram:

Legs Or Hot Dogs?

Find a nice picture of the beach on your computer and hold up two hot dogs to it. Snap a pic, post it as a vacation picture, and see how many friends get the joke.

Interior Design Whiz

We all follow those home decor and interior design accounts that we drool over. You know, the ones with amazing rugs and houses with fireplaces in each room. Pick a room you like and post it on Instagram with the hashtag #springcleaning and see if any of your friends believe it's your new room.

NBD Chef

Find a foodie pick of a perfectly layered and plated dish and post it as your own. Caption it with something casual like "Just made this for bae!"

Humble Painter

Do a little bit of web browsing until you find a sketch or painting of someone who looks a bit like you. Post it on Instagram with the caption "work in progress."

Food Baby

Depending on what sense of humor your and your friends have, you might want to snap a pic of your belly after a hearty meal and caption it with something about "expecting."


People are always taking pictures of the crazy things they encounter. So, post a picture of a crocodile and say "Spotted in NYC" or something like that. See how many people you fool.

Fake News

This is a social experiment and a prank all in one. Make up a news story. Maybe it's something light, like some random '90s show is back for another season. Or, maybe it's something optimistic like "Trump resigns from White House." Whatever it is, it's your story and you're sticking to it.

Fake Gift

An oldie but a goodie. Pick the most extravagant gift you can think of and "gift" it to yourself. Maybe it's a diamond ring, maybe it's an elephant. Go nuts.


Tell your Instagram friends that this is your last post. That you need to take some time off to live offline and off the grid. Good luck, no one will believe you!

Ruin A Show

Pick a character from a current TV show that all of your friends know and love. Post a picture of them with a message saying that you're so bummed to hear they die in the next season. Hey, it's not a spoiler if it's not true.