Last Minute April Fools' Day 2017 Pranks To Play On Everyone You Know

April Fools' Day is right around the corner, and you probably haven’t had any time to prepare. You desperately want to pull off a few pranks this year (because, if people need anything in 2017, it's a good laugh) but you have absolutely zero time to put anything together. So, you may be looking for a few last minute April Fool’s Day pranks to pull off this year.

Don’t worry, there’s always enough time for a good prank - even if you only have a few minutes to pull something together. There are tons of supplies around you — such as sticky notes, condiments, and even quarters — that can help you with a prank that will have people either laughing or hating you all day long. Dream come true, am I right?

Prepare to be the Ashton Kutcher of 2017 and practice your “YOU’VE BEEN PUNK’D” scream, because these last minute pranks are about to make you the talk of the office. Or home. Or neighborhood. Maybe even your city, depending on how far you are willing to take these pranks.

No matter how much time you don’t have this year to get ready for April Fools' Day, you can still pull off a prank that even Ashton would be proud of.

Glue A Quarter To The Sidewalk


Because laundry is expensive, and people dive for those quarters no matter where they are. Too bad they’ll never get it!

Replace Chocolate Sauce With Another Condiment


Try soy sauce or barbecue sauce (first, make sure no one is allergic, though!). Offer your family some ice cream for dessert. Then, let the gagging commence.

Wear A Halloween Costume To Work


Pretend like it’s your normal work outfit, like you dress like that every day. Or even pretend like you think it’s Halloween. Take your pick, both would make people in your office very confused.

Cover Someone's Desk In Sticky Notes


One of the oldest tricks in the book, but one of the most classic. Sticky note the crap out of someone’s common space during the day — like their desk, for instance!

Switch Your Name In Someone's Phone To “Mom” Or “Grandma”


Then see what happens when Grandma starts using that language.

Put Nicolas Cage Everywhere


Underneath the toilet seat. Taped inside the top of the copier. Inside someone’s laptop. Really, the possibilities are endless.