Lauren & Arie Just Shared Their Wedding Video & It'll Make 'Bachelor' Fans Teary-Eyed

by Marenah Dobin

If you don't want to happy-cry on a Tuesday afternoon, then don't watch Lauren and Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s wedding video. But if you do watch, just a warning that you will cry all of the tears of joy. Arie and Lauren's newly released wedding footage is full of emotion, love for their new baby girl, and yes, even some Bachelor inside jokes. In essence, it was all you could ask for in a wedding video from the reality TV couple.

For the Larie fans, this is the perfect way to make you feel like an invited guest at their wedding. For the people who aren't on board, this will likely be enough to persuade you to root for them from now on. Of course, the video was beautifully shot with the perfect Hawaiian backdrop and some gorgeous people, but it's the sentiments expressed that will induce some tears.

Bachelor host Chris Harrison served as the officiant at the ceremony, and as per usual, he had the perfect things to say. He greeted the guests with, "Welcome everybody to a perfect day, a perfect setting, and if you were lucky enough to be here all week, it's been a perfect week for what seems to be an absolutely perfect couple."

During the ceremony, Chris asked Arie,

"Arie, from this way onward, do you choose Lauren to be your wife, your best friend, your only love, to live together, play together, and laugh together, to work by her side and dream in her arms, to feel her heart feed her soul, to always seek out the best in her, to protect her, always loving her with all your heart until the end of you forever? If so, say I do."

At one point during her vows, Lauren told Arie, "I can't wait to share all of the beautiful moments life has with you and I promise to always be there when things are not so beautiful. I can't wait to meet our daughter and see your bond with her grow." (The wedding took place back in January, and they welcomed their daughter Alessi at the end of May.)

Arie's vows to Lauren were nothing short of beautiful and overflowing with love, but there was one moment of comic relief to bring some laughter in between the tears of joy. He said that he looked forward to "growing old and grey together" before he pointed out, "even though I'm already grey." Hey, it's a signature look!

There were plenty of funny anecdotes during the reception as well. One of the speeches began, "When I think of Arie and Lauren, and the beautiful life they started together in Arizona, the amazing trips they've taken around the world, and now today celebrating their union in Maui, all I can say is one word: 'Wow.'" Yes, that was a reference to their season of The Bachelor.

The speech even made that even more clear with this line: "'Wow' may have been the only word that Lauren said on their first date in Paris, but I can't think of a better word to sum up their relationship." And it all comes full circle. Wow indeed.

Lauren Luyendyk/Instagram

One of the bridesmaids revealed how she knew Arie was the one for Lauren and it was actually a pretty hilarious anecdote. She recalled,

"Arie and Lauren stole the mics and serenaded each other to the endearing lyrics of Cardi B. It was in that moment I knew these two were meant to be. No doubt."

There's no better measure of love than that. A couple who karaokes together stays together. Meanwhile, one of Arie's groomsmen briefly summed up their relationship in his speech, joking, "Arie and Lauren: one of the classic love stories for all time: Boy meets girl on TV."

The always thoughtful Chris Harrison made sure to include their not-yet-born daughter at the conclusion of the ceremony (and the wedding video). The Bachelor host declared, "In the presence of your family, friends, and, more importantly, in the presence of your beautiful baby girl, I now pronounce you husband and wife."

You really get it all from Lauren and Arie's wedding video: laughing, crying, and everything in between. From the words said, to the beautiful imagery, to the undeniable love, it really is a must-watch for all Bachelor fans and anyone who can't help rooting for love.