Lauren On The Moment That Convinced Her To Marry Cameron On 'Love Is Blind'

Lauren and Cameron after their wedding on 'Love is Blind.'
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Spoilers ahead for Episodes 1-10 of Love Is Blind. Lauren and Cameron are one of two couples who actually got married on Netflix's Love Is Blind, and viewers will be happy to know that a year and a half later, the fan favorite pair is still together.

Though the couple had one of the strongest relationships on the show, it wasn't without its speed bumps. Lauren (understandably) had some trepidation before saying "I do" so soon after meeting Cameron. "I actually had to kind of step back for a second because I felt like I was gonna have a nervous breakdown, because it's already a lot of pressure to plan a wedding in the first place," she tells Bustle. "At times, it was just kind of overwhelming and I was like, 'I don't know if I can do this.'"

After their final date before the big day, however, Lauren was ready to take the plunge. "I was just like, I can absolutely not lose this man. I've never been this happy," she reflects. "I've been so unhappy with so much of my dating life in the past. I'm not gonna bring that into this possibly life-changing, beautiful man standing here loving me and telling me that he's ready to get married. Like, why would I deny myself that complete happiness?"


Now, their relationship is growing more every day, and they're enjoying raising their dog Sparx together until they're ready to have children. "It's kind of crazy because it's like we did it backwards. You know, we got married and then it's kind of like we started dating each other, as crazy as that sounds," Lauren says. "Every day is an adventure for us."

Cameron says that their relationship isn't "100% euphoria" all the time, but that the foundation of trust and communication they built on the show allows them to "push through those difficult times and challenges that married couples face."

As for what's next, Cameron says he would love to continue working with Lauren, who is a producer and content creator. "We were going through this process of the show, and I just love being able to work with her every day," he says. "So hopefully we get to continue that trend." Love Is Blind spinoff, anyone?

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