The 'Love Is Blind' Cast's Instagrams Reveal What They've Been Doing After The Show

Much like the contestants of The Bachelor, the Love is Blind cast aren't able to Insta-stalk each other while they're on the show. In fact, the singles on the new Netflix series can't even meet each other face-to-face. Instead, they're relegated to individual "pods" separated by an opaque partition which allows them to get to know each other without ever seeing one another in person. It's only after they get engaged that they cant meet each other face-to-face.

After that, they head straight for vacation to start growing their physical connection on top of the emotional one they've already built. Then it's back to the real world for four weeks of wedding planning, meeting each other's families, and generally feeling out how well their lives mesh together outside of the weird pod facility. If they survive all of that, they head down the aisle just a month after meeting; if not, they go their separate ways.

The result is a truly wild viewing experience that, compared to the couples, comes with one benefit: they may not be able to scope out how many selfies their soon-to-be life partner posts online, but you can. Check out the cast's Instagrams below.


Diamond's Instagram bio says she's now a former NBA dancer, which means she went through a career change after filming the show. In January, she announced that she's a chairwoman for Charge Up, a non-profit organization that supports cancer survivors who are faced with health, social, and economic issues. Fun fact: Diamond is also vegan.


Barnett's Instagram username is, unfortunately, @mrflex13. Plenty of his fellow cast members pegged him as a class clown, frat guy type, and his profile backs that up: his feed is full of patriotism, beer, and Rick and Morty jokes.


Giannina's Instagram will give you total fashion envy; her feed is full of trendy, outfit of the day-stile pics. Her bio also calls her a "soulpreneur," whatever that means.


All you need to know about Kenny's Instagram is that it features lots of photos of his adorable corgi puppy, Penni. Since filming the show, Kenny has relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina and gotten involved in local philanthropy.


Lauren is hard at work as a director, producer, model, and founder of The Speed Brand, a multi-media and entertainment company. Like Kenny, she also recently became a dog parent.


On Jan. 9, Damian returned to the 'gram after two and a half years of radio silence, and his latest stream of posts do not disappoint. He's done a lot of traveling and posing in nice suits.


Amber's undeniable confidence shines as bright on her Instagram grid as it does on Love Is Blind. It's chock full of selfies, witty sarcasm, and pictures with family and friends.


As a personal trainer, much of Mark's content is about fitness and motivation. But he also had a recent reunion with Damian and Cameron, so whether or not his relationship survives the show, his friendships certainly have.


Kelly is still in Atlanta working as a health and empowerment coach. She uses her Instagram to debunk weight loss myths, defy the need for instant gratification, and promote practicing self-love.


After Love is Blind, Cameron hit the gym. His IG also includes a picture from his reunion with Damian and Mark, but with the addition of a pretty telling caption: "It's a blessing to have friends who have faced/are facing the same challenges as you." Insert lurking eyes emoji here.


According to his bio, Carlton is a celebrity assistant on Real Housewives of Atlanta, so he is no stranger to how this whole reality TV thing works.


Jessica isn't the most active on Instagram, but she seems to be living a quiet life filled with dogs, beach vacations, and friends.