Lay's Just Dropped A Flamin' Hot Pickles Flavor

by Mia Mercado
Courtesy of Lay's / Bustle

If you’ve been anywhere near a grocery store in the past year, you may have noticed that pickles are having something of ~*a moment*~. And you know what? It’s about dang time. If you’re looking to expand your pickle palette, Lay’s just released three new chip flavors including Flamin’ Hot Pickle. They’re spicy. They’re tangy. They’re a combination of all your favorite drunk food in one convenient bag. What more do you need? A song and dance to go along with it?!?

Apparently yes because these new flavors are part of Lay’s “Turn Up The Flavor” campaign. Each of the three flavors is inspired by different genres of music, according to Lay’s. In fact, the full name of the new pickle chips is “Flamin’ Hot Dill Pickle Remix.” (Or Ms. Pickle, if you’re nasty.) This particular flavor is “inspired by hip-hop” music; it even says so on the chip bag.

But what exactly does that mean? Do you hear a Kanye beat when you hold your ear up to the bag? Are the chips emblazoned with Jay-Z’s face? It mostly means that Lay’s partnered with singer Bebe Rexha for this latest launch and made her sing songs about chips.

You can listen to a snippet of Bebe Rexha’s song in her Lay’s commercial where she remixes the same song three different ways as an homage to the three new chip flavors. Bebe Rexha told Delish that the music “aims to evoke the same emotions as the flavors do.” So keep that in mind when you go in on a bag of Flamin’ Hot Pickle chips.

Courtesy of Lay's

Lest I give Flamin’ Hot Pickle chips all the attention, there are two entire other new flavors: Wavy Electric Lime and Sea Salt and Kettle Cooked Classic Beer Cheese. The Lime and Sea Salt chips are inspired by pop music, obviously. Lay’s says the “tangy and vibrant” flavors of this chip are “energetic and upbeat,” like pop music. They are a chip you can take to Coachella. They are a chip that will dance you through a break-up. They are a chip that will make your breath smell slightly less aggressive than the Flamin’ Hot Pickle chips. I don’t know how that corresponds with pop music but I must assume the correlation is intentional.

The Beer Cheese chips, Bebe Rexha’s favorite according to Delish, are an homage to rock music. (Again, obviously.) Rock music is classic. Beer and cheese are classics. The original title to the Led Zepplin song is actually “Stairway To Heaven (Because That’s Where The Chips Are)”.

No word on whether Lay’s intends to expand this collection to other music genres. What would country music chips be? Beer and cheese and memories of pick-up trucks? Emo chips would definitely be salt and vinegar (the most emo of flavors). Opera chips would be a flavor that’s you appreciate but don’t know if you actually like.

Courtesy of Lay's

This latest batch of Lay’s chips comes after a similar launch last summer when Lay’s introduced eight new “Tastes of America” flavors inspired by different parts of the country: New England Lobster Roll, Chesapeake Bay Crab Spice, Thai Sweet Chili, Pimento Cheese, Cajun Spice, Deep Dish Pizza, Chile con Queso, and Fried Pickles with Ranch. If you missed out on the Fried Pickles with Ranch, perhaps the Flamin’ Hot Pickles will fill that void.

If you aren’t fully ready to commit to the Flamin’ Hot Pickle combo, you could try the two flavors separately. Lay’s has been selling Pickle-flavored chips as well as Flamin’ Hot chips for a while now. You could also go buck wild, eating Pickle chips and Flamin' Hot Pickle chips at the same to bolster the pickle flavor. I mean, if Lay's can say pickle chips made them think of hip hop, anyone can truly do anything.