Le Creuset Just Launched 3 Stunning New Colors & You Won't Be Able To Pick A Fave

by Mia Mercado
Le Creuset

If you’re looking to add a little more tranquility to your life — hi, hello, you are a human alive in the current year, aren’t you? — Le Creuset’s ‘The New Calm’ collection is hoping to bring those ~*chill vibes*~ to your kitchen. Move over, mismatched Tupperware and old takeout utensils. It’s 2019 and even our kitchen aesthetic includes serenity.

‘The New Calm’ includes three new colors: Meringue, which is a creamy beige; Sea Salt, which combines a muted blue with a pale green; and Fig, which is a deep, earthy purple-brown (you a fig). The collection also includes fan favorite color Coastal Blue, a pale blue which “evoke[s] clear morning skies and a classic seaside.” It’s the color palette you would expect to see at a boho-chic wedding. It’s a range of hues that sings, “Yes, winter is here, but soon, the spring will come” in an ethereal, almost elf-like voice. These colors just combed my hair, rubbed my back, and told me to take three deep breaths.

Le Creuset describes their new line as “a thoughtful assortment of calming, comforting hues … inspired by current trends toward clarity and intentionality.” It’s all very KonMari method plus self-care plus the peace and quiet we crave.

I don’t know if I’ve ever used “calm” to describe my cookware. However, if I had to choose from my current assortment, I’d say my most calm kitchen tool is probably my whisk. Or perhaps the loose tea infuser I always forget I have. I guess my spoons are all pretty chill? Regardless, I don’t know if I’ve ever looked at a skillet and thought, “How calm.”

If I’m being honest, it feels a little rude to cook all of my chaos meals in any of these beautiful, peaceful, and admittedly pricey kitchen pieces. The idea of making a grilled cheese on $170 fig skillet seems borderline illegal. I still am not entirely sure how a regular pot is different from this $380 dutch oven, but I am positive it would reject my boxed mac and cheese. Also, I have no idea what kind of salt I am supposed to be getting that merits a $38 salt mill in the color sea salt.

But perhaps that is the point.

Author Samantha Irby recently wrote about her alternative New Year’s resolutions for Elle. She included “eat better” on the list, writing “the beauty of the phrase ‘eat better’ is that you can twist it to fit whatever your needs” (i.e. ordering the truffle fries instead of the plain ones, as Irby suggests). Basically, allow yourself to indulge a little or at least eat with some intentionality. (Lookin’ at you, handfuls of crackers eaten over the sink in a rushed panic.)

Perhaps a set of cookware from a collection called ‘The New Calm’ will inspire you to make delicious and fancy soups with seasonal vegetables. That sounds lovely but if it doesn’t, that’s cool, too. Maybe when you set your ladle covered in jarred pasta sauce on this (albeit, kind of expensive) meringue-colored spoon rest, you’ll look at your dinner as the comforting pasta dish it is. Maybe I’ve been binging too much Tidying Up and Salt Fat Acid Heat back-to-back.

Either way, there is something luxurious about looking at your kitchen as a place for comfort and calmness rather than reheated leftovers and burning smells. If fancy cookware is your thing, you can get ‘The New Calm’ collection starting January 15 on or retailer like Sur la Table. Every item in the collection pairs perfectly with ~*calm vibes*~ and Instagram videos tagged “oddly satisfying.”