The Sequel To 'Love Simon' Is FINALLY Here — & 9 Other New Books To Check Out

If you walked away from Love, Simon wanting to know even more about the new romance between Simon and the elusive Blue, you're in luck: this week brings with it a brand new book from Becky Albertalli, and it's the sequel you didn't even realize you wanted. Leah on the Offbeat circles on Simon's best friend, Leah, but the entire band of friends make an appearance in this heartwarming coming-of-age tale.

If that's not your thing, there's plenty of other new releases coming this week. Two young adult debuts — Ash Princess and Sky in the Deep — are coming out this week, and both are sure to become instant favorites of fantasy fans. Not to mention, Eligible author Curtis Sittenfeld is back a new short story collection, beach read favorite Jamie Brenner has a new novel about grief, family, and finding love in the most hopeless of places and circumstances, and YA rom-com legend Siobhan Vivian has a new novel about summer love and an ice cream stand.

The nonfiction this week is particularly exciting: Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Ronan Farrow is releasing detailed, thoroughly researched examination and critique of U.S. foreign policy; Kirk Wallace Johnson's new book is a true crime account of a bizarre heist involving rare dead birds; and Pulitzer Prize winning author Gilbert King is back with a new book about criminal justice and racism in 1950s America. And of course, there's Chasing Hillary, the controversial book about Hillary Clinton's failed attempts at the White House, written by New York Times journalist Amy Chozick.

Whatever you're in the mood to read over the next few days, there's a new book that will certainly fit the bill. Here are the 10 new books to keep on your radar this week:

'Leah On The Offbeat' by Becky Albertalli

If you walked away from Love, Simon with more burning questions about what comes next for Simon, his new boyfriend, and his best friend Leah, you're in luck. The sequel to the book that inspired the movie, Simon Vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda, hits stores today and it centers on Leah as she wrestles with first love, senior year angst, and her own coming out as bisexual.

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'Ash Princess' by Laura Sebastian

The Ash Princess, Thora, has long been held hostage by the Kaiser who killed her mother, the Queen, and took over her kingdom. She's mostly bourn her enslavement in silence — she is, after all, still a member of court, and she's been afforded practically every luxury. But when the Kaiser forces her to do the unthinkable, she's pushed to her brink — and the spark of a rebellion is stoked.

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'Beneath a Ruthless Sun' by Gilbert King

Beneath A Ruthless Sun, the latest nonfiction work by Pulitzer Prize winner Gilbert King, examines the 1957 rape of a Florida citrus baron. The woman claimed a "husky Negro" did it, but the sheriff, a notorious racist, set his sights instead on a mentally impaired white teenager, eventually having him to sent to a state hospital for the insane without a trial. As King unpacks this tragic, confounding story, a shocking truth about the history of our nation emerges.

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'The Husband Hour' by Jamie Brenner

When Lauren's husband and lifelong love, Rory, dies in combat, she retreats to a beach house on the Jersey Shore to find her peace and cope with her grief. But her solitude is interrupted when her mother and sister both decide to join her — and when a documentarian who's interested in Rory's trajectory from NHL player to soldier shows up in town.

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'War On Peace: The End of Diplomacy and the Decline of American Influence' by Ronan Farrow

In between writing the #MeToo stories that would eventually earn him a Pulitzer Prize in Public Service, journalist Ronan Farrow penned this groundbreaking book about U.S. foreign policy and the decline of the State Department.

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'You Think It, I’ll Say It' by Curtis Sittenfeld

Curtis Sittenfeld's new short story collection is just as sparkling and propulsive as her novels, Eligible, Prep, and American Wife. Sittenfeld has a unique ability to uncover and lay bare the hidden secrets and buried thoughts that lie within us all — or as the title indicates: you think it, she writes it.

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'The Feather Thief' by Kirk Wallace Johnson

A true crime novel about a heist involving dead rare birds? It's more fascinating than it sounds. When Kirk Wallace Johnson first learned about the 2009 heist while fly-fishing in New Mexico, it launched a years-long obsession and investigation that eventually led him to a shocking story about obsession, beauty, and justice.

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'Sky In The Deep' by Adrienne Young

Eelyn is a warrior. Just 17-years-old, she has grown accustomed to a brutal life: fight, survive, repeat. She's accepted this — until the day she steps onto a battlefield and sees her brother in combat... the brother she watched die five years ago.

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'Stay Sweet' by Siobhan Vivian

When Amelia returns to her summer job at Meade Creamery, she's excited to finally be the stand's "Head Girl." But everything gets turned upside down with Molly Meade, the stand's owner, dies unexpectedly. Amelia is forced to take the business into her own hands — with a little help from Molly's grandnephew, Grady.

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'Chasing Hillary' by Amy Chozick

Chasing Hillary is unparalleled account of Hillary Clinton's two failed presidential campaign, as told by a woman who spent eight years on her trail. But the book isn't simply Hillary Clinton's story — it's Amy Chozick's too. In juxtaposing her own experiences with Clinton's, Chozick is able to paint a portrait of a full, complex human being who exists outside her roles as mother, wife, First Lady, Secretary of State, and not-quite first female president.

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