Let Jeannette Ogden Help You Revive Your Wellness Goals In An Attainable Way

by Bustle Editors
Photo courtesy of Jeannette Ogden

Jeanette Ogden is a fitness and health enthusiast who emphasizes the importance of real food, sans fads. Her motto of no food restrictions and her honesty about her own health on her site, Shut The Kale Up, makes her so relatable, and your own fitness goals so attainable. That's why she's included in this special edition of Bustle's Must Follow, in which we highlight the incredible Latinx voices you need to follow on Instagram and Twitter.

Describe yourself in one line, including how you identify and what you do.

“My name is Jeannette Ogden and I’m a wellness influencer that loves to talk about all things — nutrition, fitness, motherhood, and REAL LIFE.”

What do you hope people take away from following you on social media?

“Each of us has our own unique journey... we shouldn’t be trying to live this “one-size fits all” lifestyle.”

When did you first feel that you were a voice for the Latinx community?

“Once my following started to grow on Instagram, I wanted to make sure I remembered where I came from and who I am. I love the Latinx community and will always show my love and support.”

Who's another Latinx person you would recommend to follow on social media?

@saschafitness — a super cool mom, entrepreneur and all around badass. I’ve had the privilege of connecting with her over social media for the past year or so and she’s the real deal!”

Follow Jeanette Ogden on Instagram, @shutthekaleup.