Here's Why Monica From 'Cheer' Let Lexi Back On The Navarro Squad


Now that Lexi Brumback has officially returned to the Navarro squad, all is right in Netflix's Cheer world. Monica Aldama let Lexi back on the Navarro squad after she was kicked off the team in the Season 1 finale following a run-in with the law. As revealed in a series of new interviews, Monica decided to let Lexi cheer once again with Navarro College's competitive cheerleading squad, proving she's a big believer in second chances.

In an interview with PopSugar published on Wednesday, Jan. 22, Lexi said that after she was kicked off Navarro, she ended up attending a different college (Blinn College in Brenham, Texas) this past fall, but it wasn't the perfect fit. Wanting to go back to Navarro, she enlisted some help to reach out to Monica. She told the outlet, "My parents, as well as my old coaches, had reached out to Monica about me coming back and she was open about giving me a second chance."

Lexi revealed she was back at Navarro in a Jan. 16 Instagram post, shared not long after Cheer started streaming. The pic showed herself in uniform, posing with fellow team members, including Jerry Harris. Though she confirmed here triumphant return to the team, Lexi didn't expand on what, exactly, happened that made her leave in the first place. Not to mention, what happened that helped her come back.

The Season 1 finale only told the audience that the police caught Lexi and some friends in a car with "illegal stuff," prompting her dismissal from the team. But in a Jan. 17 interview with Huffington Post, Monica revealed that the charges against Lexi were dismissed. "Her coach reached back out to me, and her mom and her grandmother really wanted her back here to have the structure that she had," Monica told HuffPost, "and I felt like she had an opportunity to learn from it and it was time to give her a second chance."

Monica also made it clear that the two stayed in communication during Lexi's time away, and as for Lexi, she's just happy to have a second shot at Navarro. "I’m just really thankful that she does believe in second chances and didn’t let my decisions in the past define me," she told HuffPost, "and let me prove myself to be my full potential."