Plot Twist: Lexi From 'Cheer' Is Already Back With The Navarro Squad


In an exciting plot twist, fans of Netflix's addictive cheerleading docuseries will be happy to know that Lexi from Cheer is back with the Navarro squad. The docuseries followed Navarro College's competitive cheerleading squad in Corsicana, Texas, and it quickly became a hit, leaving fans wanting more. And luckily, Lexi Brumback has made it easy to see what she's up to now, announcing her exciting news on social media after Cheer premiered.

Brumback posted an Instagram on Thursday, Jan. 16, posing with some of her fellow Navarro team members, including Jerry Harris, with the caption, "Honey, I’m home." Harris commented on her photo, "Soooooo happy to have you back!!" In the Season 1 finale, it was revealed that Monica Aldama kicked Brumback off the team due to illegal substances being found her car while she was with a group of friends. Brumback returned home to Houston and stopped cheering altogether.

Despite being removed from the team, Brumback made it clear in the Season 1 finale that she and Aldama remained on good terms. Aldama even noted in the last episode that she's kicked people off the team before, but she doesn't "ever just shut the door and tell them I’m done with them." And the proof is in the Instagram photo. It looks like whatever trouble Brumback might have gotten into, it's over now, and she's back on the team where she belongs.

Based on Brumback's Instagram, she officially started getting back into the cheer game on Jan. 10. Next to an impressive video of her tumbling, Brumback revealed she hadn't tumbled since October 2019, but now it's "comeback szn [season]." She also appears to be in a happy relationship with Dominic Green. Despite getting kicked off Navarro, it looks like Brumback is doing better than ever right now. Hopefully, she'll still be around to star in a Cheer Season 2.