LGBT People Share Misconceptions They're Tired Of Clearing Up For Straight Friends

ED JONES/AFP/Getty Images

Despite popular belief, the legalization of same-sex marriage did not, in fact, bring about the collapse of civilization as we know it — nor did it paint the town rainbow, as it were. As any queer person will happily explain, discrimination against LGBT people is still a problem in many circles, even in places where you wouldn't expect it. Some of these issues stem from misconceptions and stereotypes about the LGBT community that add up in ways that can be difficult to explain to straight people.

But difficult doesn't mean impossible. In a recent Ask Reddit thread, someone gave LGBT Redditors the chance to explain (or, in some cases, vent about) things they're tired of hearing from straight people — even well-meaning ones. "LGBT+ people of Reddit, what problem do [you] have that you wish straight people understood more?" asked the author of the post.

Apparently, there's quite a bit that people don't understand about the queer community. Users responded with several hundred comments detailing issues they have run into personally, from the never-ending cycle of coming out to the unique discrimination faced by bisexual or transgender people. For LGBT folks, it's a cathartic read; for straight people, it could be educational. Head over to the original Ask Reddit post to read it yourself, or check out the highlights below.

Infinitely Coming Out

Television and movies make coming out seem like a big reveal, but it's something queer people deal with every time they get to know someone new.

Introducing: Biphobia

Meet biphobia, homophobia's lesser-known cousin. It's just as hurtful, but it flies under the radar.

Oops, Time To Come Out Again

Met someone cool at work? Your sexuality is going to be brought up eventually.

LGBT Rights Aren't Theoretical

When people "debate" LGBT rights, they sometimes separate it from human rights. However, one of those humans could be sitting right there with them.

Let The GBFF Stereotype Die

When will we finally recognize that being gay has nothing to do with fashion, and vice versa?

The Male Gaze Is Omnipresent

Women interested in women are often accused of doing it for male attention. Thank you, male gaze, for interjecting yourself into personal relationships.

Same-Sex Marriage Isn't The Only Right

While marriage equality is important, LGBT rights go far beyond it. Earlier this summer, for example, the Justice Department ruled that the prohibition on sex discrimination doesn't cover sexuality.

Prepare To Be Shocked

Breaking news: Gay people aren't only Gay People.

Dating Woes

Depending on where you live, the LGBT dating scene can feel akin to a postapocalyptic wasteland.

Media Representation Is Nonsense

May I introduce you to the Bury Your Gays trope?

Internalizing Homophobia

LGBT people are still people, and that means you absorb the same homophobic lessons from society.

The Saddest Comment Of All Time

The only appropriate reaction here is a bunch of sad emojis. Next time you hear someone say LGBT rights are over, direct them to this comment.