Liam Hemsworth's Throwback Video With Miley Cyrus Shows Just How Much They Love Goofing Off

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The week of Valentine's Day is a time when many couples share heartfelt messages about why they love each other, but Liam Hemsworth took a different approach. On Instagram on Friday, Hemsworth shared a throwback video of Miley Cyrus capturing a time he pranked her while driving, reminding fans that these two are just goofballs at heart.

It looks like Cyrus knows she's being pranked before it happens — the singer says that she's "skeptical" before getting in the car. She does get in, though — only to be shocked when Hemsworth pulls to a stop and she makes a screaming noise. Cyrus' hands are covering her face when it happens, so she's definitely scared. The Isn't It Romantic actor, meanwhile, can't stop laughing at the situation.

Hemsworth's penchant for pranking Cyrus is well-documented. It looks like the "Nothing Breaks Like a Heart" singer gets startled pretty easily, and her husband definitely takes advantage of it. In fact, this isn't the first video of the same car prank, where Hemsworth lets out a yelp and pulls the car to a stop out of nowhere. Cyrus is likely expecting it, at least somewhat, but that doesn't stop her from being surprised every time. Hemsworth also wrote in the caption that he'll "never stop" pranking her.

When he's not pranking Cyrus in the car, Hemsworth also seems to like jumping out from behind corners or in the dark to startle his wife. In one video from last year, he jumped out to scare Cyrus as she came up their basement stairs.

Basically amid all of the heartfelt Valentine's Day posts, Hemsworth and Cyrus are here to remind fans that love is about laughing and having fun together, too. (Personally, I wouldn't find the humor in all of these pranks, but it seems like Cyrus is enjoying them, even if she's momentarily scared.)

Cyrus, meanwhile, shared a handful of new wedding photos on Valentine's Day. "My Valentine every single day ❤️ @liamhemsworth," she captioned one of the images.

In another Valentine's Day photo caption, Cyrus joked about the height difference between her and Hemsworth. "Thank you for always bending down to hug me," she wrote on Instagram. "I promise I will always meet you in the middle on my tippiest toes! I love you Valentine!" Her Valentine's Day Instagram posts show what a close bond the two of them have.

Hemsworth and Cyrus tied the knot in December after 10 years together. "We've been through so much together over the last 10 years. So, felt like it was time," Hemsworth said to Sunday Today in a new interview. The actor also told Sunday Today that he's "really happy and really fortunate to be with such a great person."

And when asked about how he and Cyrus keep their relationship normal amid the pressure of being famous, Hemsworth said that they "try to keep as much of it private" as possible. That includes their low-key Tennessee wedding, which only included their closest loved ones.

With all of the pranks and silly photos, Cyrus and Hemsworth have a pretty unique way of expressing their love for each other. But it's obviously working for them — and after being together for a decade, they've definitely earned the right to goof off together. They may be married now, but it looks like Hemsworth's prank-loving ways aren't stopping anytime soon.