Liam Is Keeping A Major Romantic Secret From Robert On 'The Royals'


Major spoilers for Sunday's The Royals ahead. If you were furious with Kathryn after she broke Liam's heart again — well, The Royals episode "In The Dead Vast and Middle of The Night" put everything into perspective. Kathryn and Liam are still together on The Royals and all of those shenanigans with Robert in the last episode were just a ruse. Liam and Cyrus are apparently still working together to bring Robert down and Liam recruited his girlfriend for their mission. And this time, it seems that the pairing of Kathryn and Liam is here to stay ... at least for a couple of more episodes.

In "Forgive Me This My Virtue," Robert thought that he was exposing that Kathryn was an unfaithful person by inviting her back to his room after he knighted Jasper. But instead, Liam was the one who was in control. Liam knows his older brother so well that he had anticipated that Robert would interfere with his budding relationship with Kathryn in some way. So Liam must have told Kathryn that Robert would try something and to go along with it. And since Kathryn had proclaimed that Liam was the "good brother," she was game to help Liam with his mission. It was a risky move, but Liam evidently has learned quite a few lessons from his Uncle Cyrus — and it worked since it leads Robert to trust Liam more.


Fans who don't like Kathryn (and Twitter indicates you're out there) may be torn on what to think about her now. This might be by far the most interesting thing Kathryn has done on The Royals since she really did con the king good. (And if anyone has a reason for personal vengeance, it's Kathryn after he slept with her and then shamed her.) And if you didn't like Kathryn for what she did to Liam, there's actually nothing to be mad at her for since this was Liam's plan all along.

But if you prefer the pairing of Robert and Willow, or even Willow and Liam, this does put a wrench in things. However, Liam is the character that fans have watched from the beginning. So if you're rooting for him then this was a major triumph. In a way, it's kind of romantic. Or, at the very least, it is nice to see Liam genuinely happy again — even if it is at the expense of Robert.


Speaking of, does Robert necessarily deserve this treatment? Typically, I'm all in support of bringing King Robert down — especially as he continues to disrespect Jasper. (Although Robert being a jerk to Jasper leads to a delightfully hilarious conversation between the bodyguard and Cyrus.) But this time, I can't tell if the punishment fits the crime. Especially since Robert does seem to desperately want his brother by his side.

Yet, while Robert wasn't responsible for getting Jasper shot, he is becoming a literal tyrant. He presumably caused the power outage as a way to disband Parliament and take complete control for himself and his Round Table. So someone does need to bring Robert down and the best person to do it is Liam.

How the unlikely trio of Liam, Cyrus, and Kathryn orchestrated all of their conniving may be explained more next episode. But now it seems that finally everyone's allegiances are clear and with the help of Cyrus' new buddy Aston Lange, they're going to turn their focus on proving that Robert caused the blackout. And hopefully, between all the scheming, Liam and Kathryn will find some time to focus on their relationship outside of King Robert.