Lindsay Lohan Could Return To TV With A Game Show That Turns Social Media On Its Head

Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When you think of Hollywood starlets, ill-advised decisions and paparazzi ambushes seem to be the first things to come to mind — at least for me. And it's no secret that Lindsay Lohan has been guilty of both. Unfortunately, her actions as a young adult have gotten her a bad rap in Tinseltown. But a "bad rap" could never stand in the way of predestined greatest for this queen. She's back, and her newest project is something you wouldn't expect her to execute. Lindsay Lohan is the host of The Anti-Social Network, and it's a game show that's based on her experiences with fame. We're talking nude selfie leaks, kissing absolute strangers, and social media hijacks done by the actor herself. Or, OK, just that last thing.

Since giving her social media sites a refresh at the beginning of the year, Lohan has completely reinvented herself digitally. She's been using her platforms to promote new ventures and to bring awareness to injustices plaguing the world. The Mean Girls star is giving her fans a front row seat into what her life looks like today, and, according to a press release shared by her management, her newest venture comes full circle. It's a direct reflection of all she's been through in her past.

Lohan tweeted a trailer for her game show March 22, and it all looks so fetch.

It goes a little something like this: Lohan will have full access to one (un)lucky individual's social media sites for a full 24 hours. While she's at the wheel, the participants will have to compete in a few challenges for a chance to win prizes; some challenges are playful and others are down right cringe worthy. It's all a test to evaluate just how important someone's social media presence is to them.

"The Anti-Social Network will mirror Lindsay’s experience with the media by opening people up to the same criticism and pressure she’s felt all her life," the press release read. "Through these shared experiences, people will get a better sense of what it feels to live like Lindsay."

The show is currently being shopped around to networks, so a concrete premiere date is unforeseen. I don't know about you, but it all sounds thrilling to me. I'll totally be keeping my ear to the streets for this project to come to fruition. And if no networks will pick it up, I hope it becomes a web series, because I am so on board.