Fans Can Finally Listen To A Sneak Peek Of Lindsay Lohan's New Single "Xanax"

Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Lindsay Lohan has been a household name for decades. She's been an actor, a singer, a reality television star, and she's also had her share of public controversies. Now, she's coming back to the music industry, and many are pretty excited. Lindsay Lohan's new single "Xanax" is the first song from Lohan since the early 2000s, and it sounds like it's coming to you soon.

As Entertainment Tonight reported on Aug. 28, a snippet of the new song was released on The Kris Fade Show on Virgin Radio Dubai, hosted by Kris Fade, Priti Malik, Big Rossi, and "Phone Guy" Eddie. In the audio, posted by the Twitter account @PopCraveMusic, Fade noted that "Xanax" has yet to be released, but that he obtained a sneak peek and was trying to get Lohan on the show to release the final track when she's ready. "It's about anxiety and pressure and just taking care of yourself," one of the hosts said before playing about 30 seconds of the track, which is "set to be released very, very soon."

The song has major nightclub energy, with an electronic, high-energy beat and Lohan's signature raspy tones tying it all together. The lyrics heard in this snippet involve Lohan singing about someone who might not be the best for her, but she can't turn away because they get her "high." It then goes into her saying they're the only reason she's there, might as well have "one more trip for the night."

It is a very different sound than her previous albums, that's for sure. Her last album A Little More Personal (Raw) was released in 2005, and was best known for the very angsty, heartfelt single "Confessions of a Broken Heart (Daughter to Father)." This wasn't so different from her 2004 single "Rumors," which really delivered on its hard, early-2000s pop sound. However, Lohan's most recent single, 2008's "Bossy" sounded closer to "Xanax," with its club-like tune, which worked out since it was a theme song for Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club. (She was also recently featured in a talking verse on the 2015 single, "Danceophobia," by Duran Duran.)

But even with the newer sound, fans are here for Lohan's new music, and sharing their excitement on Twitter. User @OfficialSteJR wrote, "The new song sounds awesome, the beat, the lyrics, her vocals 👍 it needs to be released quick it'll be a big hit. Can't wait to hear the full version 🌹 #Xanax #LindsayLohan #NewMusic."

Lohan has been teasing her return back to the music scene for a while now. On May 31, she posted a somber picture of herself in the studio with headphones, obviously recording something. Then, she responded to an article about the photo, saying she's "Hard At Work," on Twitter. Unfortunately, her MTV show isn't returning, and neither, it seems, is her beach club, but it sounds like this music has been her main focus, and it's finally going to be released to the world.

With this new sneak peek of her upcoming single, "Xanax," Lohan sounds ready to take on music, and the public eye, again with her new, club-thumping sounds.