So, ‘Real Housewives’ Star Lisa Rinna's Daughters Have Gleaned Some Sex Tips From Her Book

Nicole Weingart/Bravo

There comes a time in every parent’s life when some of the stuff you did before you had kids (or at least when they were too young to remember anything seriously) comes to rear its ugly head. A dinner in Tokyo was that for Lisa Rinna, because Lisa learned on Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills that her daughters knew everything they knew about sex because Lisa had written about it in her book, Rinnavation. Oh, boy.

Bet you didn’t know that Lisa was an author, too. In 2010's Rinnavation, Lisa wants her fans to “rinnavate” their lives. According to the book’s official bio, you can “look better, feel better, live better, love better—the Lisa Rinna way!” It continues, “Now for the first time, the award-winning actress reveals her best-kept secrets for staying fit, managing weight, looking beautiful, feeling sexy, and living the best life possible.” The book includes workout tips, weight loss tips, tips about being camera-ready, tips how to plump your lips like Lisa does, makeup advice, tanning advice, and oh, some, uh tips on how to give oral sex. Apparently, knowing all of this will show “you how to positively transform your life—inside and out—by taking it one day at a time.” Well doesn’t that just sound delightful?

I mean, I guess it is, but it’s less delightful when you realize your daughters learned about oral sex from your book. The lessons a mother teaches! It started when Erika, Lisa, Delilah, and Amelia were out for a meal in Tokyo following Amelia and Delilah’s huge photo shoot for Vogue (Lisa invited Erika along for moral support). The group started talking about eating and about how entertaining it is (for Amelia and Delilah, at least) to watch people eat on YouTube. Erika and Lisa didn’t know why that was entertaining — I am an old and I do not get it, either — and Erika was all, can’t you just watch porn? And Delilah was like, “actually, I learned how to give head from my mother’s book.” And then Lisa collapsed, because what else is there to do when your daughter admits she learned her technique from you? They didn't say they practiced what their mother preached, but still. Lisa didn’t think her daughters would actually read the book! Do kids even pay that close attention? I guess hers do. They passed over it quickly, thankfully, because I didn’t want to watch that moment anymore let alone be a part of it.

The rest of the Tokyo trip was fun for all involved. Amelia and Delilah are modeling for a variety of brands and outlets, and their career, as Lisa said, has gone from 0-60 overnight. Lisa has to be there to chaperone them (Amelia is underage, as she’s only 16, but Delilah is 19), so she brought Erika along and they saw the sights while the girls worked. The sights included a tranquil geisha house with dinner (full of slimy things I was surprised they ate) and a show. They did Shibuya crossing, Erika wore a wig, and it was a grand old time.

Lisa is really proud of her daughters, and it was cool for her to invited Erika along to see this huge step in their careers. It’s a big deal for Amelia and Delilah, but it’s also a big step for Lisa, to let her kids fly out of the nest. The world is big, and they’re in it. Watching Lisa and Erika’s friendship is delightful, as they’re able to relate in a way that the others aren’t. They get along, they take each other’s idiosyncrasies in stride, and they just like to hang out with each other. That’s the best possible basis for a friendship, especially when your daughters are telling you they learned how to please a partner from you.