‘RHOBH’ Season 8 Absolutely Must Address These Photos From The Cast

Soon enough, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will return with new episodes and fresh drama. Not too much has been revealed about the upcoming season, but these Real Housewives of Beverly Hills photos may tease what fans can expect. Based on the following images, it sure looks like this season will feature an epic girls' trip, the obligatory night in Las Vegas, and an awesome party celebrating Kyle Richards' TV series, American Woman. There's definitely a lot to look forward to.

For those wondering, a few familiar faces will be returning. Dorit Kemsley confirmed to Us Weekly that she and her husband, the infamous PK, are coming back for a second dose. Per Dorit, PK "took a step back" this season and "kept it simple". It doesn't look like any of the other women have officially announced their Season 8 status. However, based on many social media photos, it sure looks like Kyle, Lisa Vanderpump, Lisa Rinna, and Erika Jayne will once again be Housewives. Camille Grammer also tweeted an image in July seemingly teasing fans that she and Adrienne Maloof will both be seen.

Of course, there appears to be a new cast member, Teddi Jo Mellencamp, as E! News revealed over the summer. (Bravo declined to comment on the casting announcement when Bustle reached out in July.) If you haven't heard yet, soap opera star Eileen Davidson is leaving the series (this is a total bummer, especially because of Eileen and Erika's friendship), as is Season 7 rookie Eden Sassoon.

As for when you can expect RHOBH Season 8, Bravo announced that it will premiere Tuesday, Dec. 19 at 9 p.m. ET. It's not that far away, but still seems like a million years from now.

So, until new footage is actually seen, here are some photos the new season need to address to keep you satisfied.

Kyle's American Woman Wrap Party

According to Reality Tea, Kyle threw a '70s-themed party to celebrate the wrap of American Woman's first season. Seeing Teddi, Dorit, and even Camille (with her engagement ring in tow) all attended, there's a good chance fans will see this in action.

Harry Hamlin's 66th Birthday

If you look closely, Dorit, LVP, and Ken Todd are in the background of the top right photo. Here's hoping RHOBH fans get an even bigger glimpse inside Harry's surprise birthday party.

The Ladies Taking Over Berlin

The women traveled to Berlin, which means this has to be their seasonal girls' trip. Plus, the Daily Mail obtained photos of some of them fighting in Germany. Yeah, this will most likely be featured in Season 8.

Dorit's New Swimwear Collection

After five years, Dorit finally released her new collection for her swimwear line, Beverly Beach. Teddi, Kyle, Rinna, and Camille all showed up to support Dorit and what makes for better RHOBH footage than this type of event?

Viva Las Vegas

The RHOBH cast never misses a chance to party in Vegas. This was also the same photo that made fans question whether or not Eileen made her exit.

Colton Haynes' Wedding

Colton Haynes' wedding to Jeff Leatham was a major affair. Hello, Kris Jenner even officiated the ceremony. Seeing as Rinna was invited to the big day, let's keep those fingers crossed that at least part of it is shown.

Delilah Belle & Amelia Gray's Modeling Careers

Rinna's daughters are definitely making a name for themselves in the modeling world, which means she won't be able to stop gushing about it this season.

More Camille Grammer

Not only is this the cutest picture ever, but it totally suggests some fabulous moments shared between Kyle, Camille, and LVP (three of the OG RHOBH stars), right?

Erika & Rinna In Tokyo

Rinna and Erika went to Tokyo, Japan for some reason, so you can probably expect some hilariousness from this duo.

Erika Jayne In Action

Also, this is Erika after performing a Halloween gig. RHOBH wouldn't be the same without a grand show from the Erika Jayne.

Mason Grammer On The Runway

All of the women who are supposedly part of Season 8 attended Camille's daughter's runway show during New York Fashion Week. Why wouldn't this be part of the upcoming season?

This New York Fashion Week Party

Furthermore, the women also attended BELLA New York's NYFW party hosted by Dorit. If you click here, you'll be able to look at photos of the women during the party. One of the pictures features what appears to be an intense conversation between LVP and Kyle. Not only is Kyle pointing her finger at Vanderpump, but LVP looks like she's trying to defend herself — surprise, surprise.

An Erika & Dorit Friendship

Dorit and Erika drove cars together, so does that mean they're now getting along? It can't get much worse than Season 7's "Pantygate", can it?

Kim Richards As A Grandma

Now that Kim is officially a grandma to her grandson, Hucksley, there's always a chance they both will make a RHOBH appearance. Here's hoping, because this photo is the absolute sweetest.

Kyle's Luxurious Vacation

If you're unaware, Kyle and her family took the most glamorous vacation in July. Her family trips are sometimes showcased during RHOBH, so that might also be the case this time around.

A Goodbye To LVP's Dogs

Poor, Vanderpump, lost two of her precious pups in a short amount of time. It's likely that she'll pay tribute them in an episode.

The Introduction Of Teddi

Finally, based on this image and the previous ones, it sure looks like Teddi will make her grand entrance as either a "friend" or a Housewife.

RHOBH Season 8 seems to have a lot of potential, so let's hope at least half of the events from above happen at some point during the season.