'Literally Me' Is The Perfect Gift For The Friend Who Won't Stop Tagging You In Memes

by Kerri Jarema

As someone who started their career in the fashion industry, I can tell you... fashion is hella weird. Let's just say, The Devil Wears Prada definitely got one thing right: if you've made it into the industry, you're supposed to be nothing but grateful all the time. That's why illustrator Julie Houts has become such a viral hit on Instagram and beyond.

Houts takes these fashion-forward characters, and puts them in the most hilarious and relatable real life situation for meme-worthy illustrations you can't help but tag all your friends in. It's like getting a behind-the-scenes look at that chic girl with the killer outfit you pass by on the street and are so sure has everything in her life so much more together than you. Spoiler: she doesn't. And now you can spread the love to all the millennial fashionistas (and meme lovers) in your own life with Houts' new book Literally Me.

The book is a collection of darkly comic illustrated essays that chronicle the exploits of these fashion-forward heroines who are also antisocial, snarky, and sometimes hilariously oblivious. These vivid satirical mini-stories are not only laugh-out-loud, they'll have you nodding your head in recognition. Because the line between channeling Beyonce and finding yourself the next Bridget Jones? Well, it's thinner than you might think. And Houts uses her work to make that abundantly, hilariously clear.

Literally Me by Julie Houts, $15, Amazon

Take a look at some of the book's illustrations below:

I am turning the big 29 in January and I can tell you without any hesitation: this is scarily, gut-bustingly accurate. And if anyone has any face mask recommendations for my simultaneously aging and still decidedly unpredictable teenage skin that I can slather on while I rewatch Grace & Frankie, I am all ears.

If you've never thought about those weird names they give nail polishes as you circle through 10 nudes that all look strangely similar, you definitely will now. Whose dream job is naming products? How do some of these names pass the "this is potentially problematic" censor? Does it really matter when the shade matches your outfit perfectly? All important life questions.

Sure your boss might never have actually used you as a human desk when you were an assistant (at least I really hope not...) but you probably felt like she did emotionally sometimes. Don't worry, we've all been there. Go ahead. Laugh through the tears. It's good to let it all out.

If you've even been married or if you're already rounding up to double digits on all the times you've been a bridesmaid? Yeah, I'll just leave that one right there.

Literally Me is available now, so get out there and grab as many copies as you can. I'm sure the list of people in your life who would love to find this under the Christmas tree is as long as the laughs Houts's illustrations have induced. Beware: this is probably one you'll want to read in private.

Literally Me by Julie Houts, $15, Amazon