Lizzo Celebrated "Titties Longer Than My Relationships" On Twitter

Scott Legato/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Lizzo is all about women's empowerment and body positivity, and that extends to her boobs. On Twitter on Sept 23, Lizzo celebrated her long boobs, stressing that all breast shapes are beautiful. The singer shared a trio of selfies, all of which featured her wearing Elton John-inspired rhinestone shades, a leopard print jumpsuit, and matching opera gloves. The jumpsuit was low cut, and the artist decided to go sans bra. Lizzo's boobs rested naturally, and she decided to take the photo-op as an opportunity to normalize long breasts.

"Titties longer than my relationships," Lizzo captioned, along with a heart eye emoji. Followers loved the positive reinforcement, and flooded Lizzo's tweet with encouraging comments. "Long tiddie committee, lets goooo," one follower shared. "You make me feel more confident about my titties," another tweeter responded.

Lizzo also posted similar photos onto her Instagram, captioning the pictures, "Merry Christmas from my long ass titties to y’all."

This isn't the first time that Lizzo has spoken out positively about her natural boob shape. One of the artist's main hashtags that she uses under cleavage-heavy photos is "sexual not sexualized." The hashtag expresses that Lizzo is sexual and embraces her sexiness, but that doesn't mean she wants her chest sexualized by other people.

Part of the reason why Lizzo expresses her sexuality so freely — and is so open with posting photos of her body — is because it gives the artist a platform to start a conversation.

"Yes, you can see me in my bra and panties on YouTube, but if you do you’re also going to hear about the struggles that women like me have to go through to feel comfortable taking our clothes off,” Lizzo shared with Star Tribune in 2016.

Lizzo also likes to take the stigma out of long boobs by joking about her natural breasts. In June 2018, Lizzo discovered she had side boobs, and shared the revelation on Twitter.

"There comes a time in every big grrrls life when she discovers her side boob. Mine, was tonight..." Lizzo captioned the video.

"Do you think I can charge a fee for my side boob? Like Halle Berry did when she was in that movie?" Lizzo wondered. "Is my side boob more valuable because they have stretch marks? No shame to the side boobs that don't have stretch marks, but I'm just saying I have lightening on my tit."

Lizzo hasn't always been so playful and celebratory about her body, though. In an interview with Vinyl Me, Please in 2016, Lizzo shared that she learned to embrace herself after her move to Minneapolis. Once she settled in, Lizzo saw examples of strong, comfortable women that inspired her.

"One of the first days I was there, I saw a woman with really big boobs who was not wearing a bra, and she was just living her life. And I was like, 'I love this place!' And she didn’t shave her underarms, and I was like, 'You’re amazing!'" Lizzo said. "I just thought the people there are free to be themselves and they wore it on their skin there. That really encouraged me to be who I was and start wearing it on my skin."

Now Lizzo is paying it forward, much to the appreciation of people of all cup sizes.