This Weekend Bag Has So Many Space-Saving Features, You'll Feel Like Mary Poppins

Traveling without the proper equipment can be tricky. I usually travel six months out of the year, and before I got my act together and bought those Type-A essentials called "packing cubes" and "bra cubbies," I lived in chaos. Sweaters tumbled with undies and shampoo in my suitcase, socks were always a trouble to locate, and I usually had to throw my weight on my carry-on in order to close the thing. But now that I have wised up and invested in all these organizational essentials, I became low-key obsessed with keeping things neat and tidy. Toiletry kits make my eyes sparkle, purse dividers give me heart palpitations, and I'm always looking for the next big travel hack that can make my flight that much easier. Which is why when I saw Lo & Son's 'Catalina' carry-on bag, I had a dramatic moment where I clutched my chest and nearly fumbled my phone. This is the mother of all carry-on bags.

The Catalina Canvas Weekender is a no-fuss canvas bag that seems unassuming, but is ground-breaking in its organization. If you live for compartments and labels, you're going to drool. Essentially a big tote, this bag comes in 10 different colors, and the material is a high-quality, light-weight, yet uber-strong pre-washed canvas that can handle a heavy load. But the cool thing about the bag is that it's like the traveler's version of a Mary Poppins bag.

The Catalina, $120, Lo & Sons

When I first got it in the mail, I was confused if I accidentally ordered the wrong thing because it came in such a small envelope. Online it looked massive slung over the shoulder of the model, but here it was in an envelope no bigger than a folder. That's because the carry-on can be folded into a small, space-saving shape, taking up little to no room in your closet or suitcase when unused. But when you open it up and start packing, it seems to use black magic or a glitch in physics, fitting everything you need and then some. When I started packing for an imaginary weekend away to test drive it, I felt like I could fit my bed into it if I tried, and still have room for an extra turtleneck.

Check out the demo video below to see it in action.

Magical nanny purse qualities aside, the feature that got me really excited about adding this bag to my arsenal was the bottom pocket. On the underside of the bag is a spacious pocket that you can use to separate certain things away from the rest of your bag, which, trust me, is ingenious. You can store your shoes separately down there, or your dirty laundry, toiletries, or just essentials you want easy access to on your flight.

Now comes the cherry on top: the price. Usually when I find miracle travel products like this, they come with a price tag to match. But at this present moment the 'Catalina' is 50 percent off, where it's usually $120.

Depending on your needs, there are four different Catalina bags to choose from, all boasting different sizes and features. They are the "Catalina," "Catalina Deluxe Large," "Catalina Deluxe Small," and "Catalina Deluxe Tote."

To see how they vary from each other, check out the comparison chart below.

Each one of these are made to help make traveling a breeze. I can already tell you I have an eye on getting the Catalina Deluxe Small next, just so I can have a variety of sizes and colors. When a bag is this organized and affordable, why would I look anywhere else?

If you travel often and are looking for a minimalist bag that's got organizational features, this is the find for you.