Those Beaded Bracelets You Always See On Instagram Are Getting A Massive Update

Courtesy of Lokai

If you need an excuse to stock up on jewelry, this is it. The Instagram-famous jewelry brand Lokai is expanding its recycled jewelry collection to include glass. What does that mean for you? Well, at the very least, two more trendy styles. On a bigger scale, it means more ways to save the planet and look great doing it. No matter why you stand behind the brand, you'll love these accessories.

In case you're not familiar with Lokai, let me break it down. Lokai started as a bracelet company that had water from the highest place in the world and mud from the lowest. They soon introduced a new aspect of recycled plastic jewelry and accessories, called the 2.0 Collection. Now, the company is taking it the collection one step further with recycled glass designs.

The four new designs are more colorful than ever before. There's the Glass Bead Necklace, which is the very first recycled glass product, that has a frosted, matte finish on an adjustable woven cord of recycled plastic. Plus there's now a bracelet to match. The only difference is that the bracelet has beads all the way around, while the necklace has just a few beads.

You can shop both of them on the Lokai website right now. The accessories are both $34 each.

Courtesy Lokai

On top of the addition of its first ever recycled glass products, there are four other designs. The Wire Cuff, Double Hook Bracelet, and Single and Triple Wrap Bracelet are all available on the Lokai website, too. They range from $24 to $38 each.

All of them are just as eco-friendly, too. Every single design uses recycled plastics to make the cords. The metal aspects of the new design are also recycled. The brand not only creates trendy jewelry, but is helping to solve environmental waste issues. Basically, you're giving trash a new life and looking great at the same time.

This is the first time that the brand is introducing pops of color into the mix as well. Initially, they stuck to classic black and white with the looks. They then added in gold, silver, and rose gold metals into the mix with the 2.0 Collection. Now, they have purple, maroon, yellow, and green accessories. Bustle reached out to the brand to see why they decided to add color into the mix.

As if all of that isn't already enough, the brand donates 10 percent from every single purchase to charities. Each bracelet benefits a different cause, depending on the month. Past charities include the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation, The Nature Conservancy, National Alliance on Mental Illness, and The Jane Goodall Institute.

Each piece of jewelry also contains water from Mt. Everest and mud from the Dead Sea — the highest and lowest places on Earth. The substances are contained in the white bead on each design.

Courtesy Lokai

Whether you care about the planet or just looking good, you can't go wrong with recycled accessories. All of the 2.0 Collection is currently available on the Lokai website right now. While the six designs are not limited edition, you'll want to stock up while you still can. These collection have a track record for selling out pretty fast, and it takes a while to restock them.