London & Brussels Memes & Tweets Show People Mourning Both Incidents

Carl Court/Getty Images News/Getty Images

After an attack near UK Parliament on Wednesday, many have offered support online by sharing "Pray For London" tweets and memes. Many journalists, representatives, and citizens have noted that Wednesday is also the one-year anniversary of the attack on Brussels, Belgium. The similarities between these attacks have inspired many to pray for the recovery of both cities, and the London and Brussels memes and tweets and showing solidarity between the European cities and support from those around the world.

The city of London was in a state of shock early Wednesday after an attacker was reportedly shot by police while at the UK Parliament building and a violent motorist hit five people on Westminster Bridge, leading to the death of at least one woman. The Metropolitan Police are calling the event a "terrorist incident", but the connection between the motorist and the armed attacker, if any at all, is still unknown, as is the motive for the attack.

Media outlets like the New York Times and CNN have noted the attack comes on the anniversary of the attack on a Brussels airport, where 32 people were killed. Journalist Christiane Amanpour noted to CNN on Wednesday afternoon that the date marks the one-year anniversary of the attack, adding London to the list of recent attacks on major European cities like Berlin, Nice, and Paris.

On social media, the connection between the attacks on these cities resonated. Many shared tweets and memes in solidarity for both events, with hope and prayers for the future safety of both cities.

This image of the Belgian and British flags has become a symbol of solidarity that many are tweeting out:

Many others reached out to share images and prayers for London, many that featured landmarks or the flag. A lot of Twitter users based in the United Kingdom offered prayers for the city:

A member of One Direction and the band's fan base kept the country where they got their start in their thoughts today:

Others shared images of the flag along with their prayers:

Across the world, people shared well wishes for the future of Brussels and London. From Texas:

To Kenya:

To Australia:

At this time the incident is still being investigated by British authorites, and more information about the attack is still coming out. It is important during dark times to stand together in solidarity, and not let fear divide. Whether on social media or offline, it never a bad time to be compassionate and thoughtful.