Pray For London Memes & Tributes To Share In Solidarity With Victims

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f In response to Wednesday's attack near the Westminster Bridge, the world is sharing "Pray for London" memes and tributes in support of the victims and anyone else impacted by the tragic incident. Chaos ensued when a man plowed into the Westminster Bridge outside of Parliament, reportedly injuring several people, and stabbed a police officer as he charged toward the building. Before he could enter the Palace of Westminster, he was shot by police, and his state, as well as his motive, remains unknown until further facts emerge.

Though it's unclear how many people were hit by the car and to what degree they were injured, it's more than apparent that this incident was horrifying. Dr. Colleen Anderson from a nearby London hospital confirmed, tragically, that one woman pedestrian had died in the attack after being hit by a bus. She also claimed to have treated a police officer for a head injury. Anderson said the range of injuries vary, but estimated that about 12 people were hurt — some severely.

After the attack, Commons Leader David Lidington told members of Parliament that they may have to sit tight before more information is revealed by authorities.

There are also reports of further violent incidents in the vicinity of the Palace of Westminster but I hope colleagues on all sides will appreciate that it'd be wrong of me to go into further details until we have confirmation from the police and from the House security authorities about what is going on.

Until then, the world can show its support by sharing these memes and tweets.

This GIF

France & London Stand Together

A True, Sad Fact

The Brussels Attacks Are Being Remembered, Too

This Painting

The British Flag

Another Version Of The Flag

Standing With London

A Teardrop

More Love, Less Hate

We Are Not Afraid

We Are One

This Video

Sending Love

Sending Hugs

This Simple Image

Photos Of The City

"Please Pray"

"Deeply Saddened"

Don't Forget To Thank First Responders

Love For The City

"The Most Beautiful City"

"Thoughts & Prayers"

"Outweigh The Dark"

A Simple Request

This Speaks Volumes

"So Sad"

Stronger Together

This Famous Landmark

According to the London Metropolitan police commander, a full counterterrorism investigation has begun in response to the attack. And while the police work to ensure that such an attack is prevented in the future, people around the world can extend a hand to those impacted to show that everyone stands together, despite differences.