Lorde Just Commented On Those Jack Antonoff Dating Rumors “For The Last Time"

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Lorde is not going to let some pesky dating rumors bring her down. As JustJared notes, the singer went on Instagram Live on Feb. 22 where she gave her fans a definitive answer regarding the gossip. Lorde responded to those Jack Antonoff dating rumors on the social media app and put to rest any speculation into the pair's relationship.

During her live session on the app, one user asked the singer, "Did you date Jack [Antonoff]?" Lorde responded with a slight chuckle and said, "Guys, no!" She continued, "Guys, never. No. Jack and I are not dating, for the last time. But, I love him, he's awesome. But we're not dating, please!" (Lorde's response can be seen at the 20:12 minute mark in the video here.)

So, there you have it, folks. Lorde and Antonoff are not dating. And the singer was pretty definitive about the whole situation, even saying that there's "never" been anything like that going on between the two of them. Maybe her statements here will finally end all of those dating rumors once and for all.

It's not as though this rumor wasn't already dispelled, though. Antonoff himself took to Twitter to deny all of the relationship speculation. On Jan. 16, the songwriter tweeted that he resented the fact that "the most important friendships and working relationships in my life are reduced to dumb hetero normative gossip." And simply stated that he wasn't currently in a relationship.

It's clear to see where both Antonoff and Lorde stand in terms of their (friendly) relationship after both of their definitive statements on the issue.

When did these dating rumors even start? Well, in January 2018, Antonoff broke up with his girlfriend of five years, Lena Dunham, according to E! News. Shortly after, speculation into the possible romantic nature of Lorde and Antonoff's relationship began. Many people jumped to these romantic conclusion seemingly because the two share a very close relationship. Antonoff, who is a musician and songwriter, and Lorde collaborated on her latest album Melodrama, which he co-wrote and co-produced. Her song "Greenlight" also featured the songwriter at the piano in its music video.

In January, shortly following Antonoff's split, the two attended the Grammys together (since they were both nominated for Melodrama), which furthered fan dating speculation, per Page Six. Although, of course, it wasn't out of the ordinary for the co-collaborators and good friends to attend the high-profile event together.

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Lorde and Antonoff also went on a recent outing in New Zealand, which didn't help fans stop talking about the pair's relationship. On Feb. 21, the Daily Mail reported that the two were seen getting "quite comfortable" with each other. They were photographed embracing and having a good time in Lorde's native county. But, just because they were having fun and maybe just getting a little silly with one another doesn't mean that they're dating. Although, fans on Twitter seemed to disagree, as they went crazy over the photos.

Regardless of what fans think, all that matters is what Lorde and Antonoff have said about their relationship. In the past, the two have been clear about the nature of their relationship, even before they had to clarify things more recently. In an interview with Billboard from January 2018, Lorde described her relationship with her co-collaborator. She said, "When I came to New York, we had only written together maybe a couple of times, and we were very obsessed with each other on a creative level and as buds."

There you have it, everyone. These two are only good buds and incredibly talented collaborators. Both Lorde and Antonoff have said definitively that there's nothing going on. And if that's what they're both saying, then people should really just ignore those rumors already.