L’Oreal’s Latest Ad Is Incredibly Inclusive

While the 2017 Golden Globes was rife with amazing red carpet fashion, adorable moments, and celebrity sightings, one of the coolest parts of tuning in to the Jan. 8 broadcast was the chance to see L'Oreal's new True Match foundation advertisements. L'Oreal Paris cast a group of diverse influencers and models for the ads, including actor Blake Lively, trans influencer and influencer Hari Nef, Chinese model Xiao Wen Ju, Darnell Bernard and more. The ads also feature plus size models Sabina Karlsson and Marquita Pring.

A commercial during a nationally televised awards show might not seem like a huge deal, but when the brand's tagline is, "Because I'm worth it," and the advertisement is a celebration of diversity and representation, it's important to take note. Though inclusivity is becoming more of an automatic reaction for brands than a passing trend, the L'Oreal True Match spot is a pretty spectacular statement. According to The Cut, L'Oreal wanted to cast a diverse group of people in the ads to reflect the brand's wide formula range of 33 shades.

Each of the cast members has their own True Match video, but NBC aired Hari Nef's during the Golden Globes. Check out the video below, which Nef tweeted shortly before the ceremony began.

Of course, Twitter was beside itself after the ads started airing.

Yes, it's just a commercial — but it's also a powerful reminder that no matter who you are, you're worth it.