L'Oreal's Loyalty Rewards Program Is So Worth It For This Reason

Customer loyalty programs, like Urban Decay's Beauty Junkies, are the greatest thing ever — EVER!!! That's not an exaggeration when you are an avowed makeupista. These programs, which reward shoppers with perks for plunking down cash and being a repeat customer, certainly feed the makeup obsession of product fiends who love additional benefits that are a result of simply purchasing new potions and primers. Walgreen's has its Beauty Enthusiast platform, while Tarte operates its Pretty Perks program. But what about mass market brands? Does L'Oreal have a rewards program?

Yes, behemoth drugstore brand L'Oreal just launched its "Worth It Rewards" program. It's extensive and is therefore a first for the mass beauty realm, according to the press release received by Bustle.

How does it work? Oh, just like most loyalty programs. It encourages you to spend... since the more you spend, the more points and perks you earn!

All sorts of items — from cosmetics to hair color to hair care to skin care— are eligible for point accumulation in this program. Members earn five points for every dollar they drop on L'Oreal products. It's free to join.

But Worth It Rewards does more than incentify spending and reward consumers for purchases they are already making.

There is also a charitable element. This program allows customers to donate rewards points to charities tied to the brand's Women of Worth honorees.

Courtesy of L'oreal

Women of Worth is L'Oreal's signature philanthropy program, which annually recognizes 10 everyday women who are working to make a beautiful difference in their communities. Yes!

So Worth It Rewards members enjoy points, experiences, and are provided with an opp to give back.

Once you sign up, you'll nab a welcome package, a birthday present, access to accelerated point promotions, and coupons. You can also link any pre-existing retailer cards, so you can automatically collect points when you check out while making a purchase. Uploading receipts is also an option.

Did you sign up yet? I did!