The 2019 Love Islanders' Instagrams Reveal SO Much About What They're Like On Paper

by Sophie McEvoy

The return of Love Island is less than a week away, but you'll have plenty of islander content to indulge in thanks to the announcement of the 2019 contestants yesterday (May 27). While not much has been revealed yet other than the usual bios, thanks to the wonderful world of social media, you can get a whole lotta insight into these new faces thanks to a barrage of selfies and tweets. So get your scrolling fingers at the ready, because here are the Love Island contestants' Instagram and Twitter handles.

While the series has yet to air, the islanders have briefly introduced themselves through the now iconic video reel. Y'know the one, where their Insta snaps scroll aimlessly in the background while they answer questions perched atop a stool — ones that give a little sneak peek into their personality. But if you want to get to know their true selves before they appear on screen, their social media's pre-reality fame are definitely the place to go.

Although, it seems this series' contestants have a lot more celeb-connections than usual — especially with the inclusion of Tommy Fury (Tyson Fury's brother) and Curtis Pritchard (professional dancer and brother of AJ Pritchard). Even so, I'm sure their social medias will be just as interesting to peruse as the rest of the islanders.


Yewande Biala

ITV Studios

Yewande Biala is a 23-year-old scientist, who told ITV (in a press statement sent to Bustle) that while people seemed "shocked" to discover her profession, there are plenty of "intelligent people" on reality TV like previous contestants Dr. Alex George and Camillia Thurlow. You can find her on Instagram @yewande_biala and Twitter @yewande_biala. Prior to her Love Island post, Biala can be seen traversing the world and documenting some beautiful selfies along the way.


Tommy Fury

ITV Studios

Tommy Fury is a 20-year-old boxer from Manchester, and as you may have guessed is the brother of Tyson Fury. But has he told ITV, Fury has tried to stay clear of his brother's spotlight and be his "own man". You can find Fury on Instagram @tommytntfury and Twitter @tommytntfury. Unsurprisingly, Fury's socials are pretty much dedicated to documenting his boxing career.


Lucie Donlan

ITV Studios

Lucie Donlan is a 21-year-old surfer from Newquay, and has pretty major connections to last series as she dated Charlie Frederick "a few weeks later after he came out of the villa", she told ITV. You can find Donlan on Instagram @lucierosedonlan and Twitter @lucierosedolan. As you'd probably have guessed, Dolan's insta is full of snaps of her at the beach with a surfboard in tow.


Anton Danyluk

ITV Studios

Anton Danyluk is a 24-year-old gym owner from Airdie, Scotland who believed that Love Island is "going to be the biggest test of [his] life." This might have something to do with the fact he hasn't exactly been "loyal" in any of his relationships, as he told ITV. You can find him on Instagram @anton_danyluk. Besides that, as a gym owner it's not hard to believe that his Insta is chock full of shirtless pics.


Amy Hart

ITV Studios

Amy Hart is a 26-year-old air hostess/cabin crew manager from Worthing, Sussex. If there's one islander this year that has a pretty substantial claim to fame, it's Hart as she caused an Insta storm after a pic was posted of her and 1D's Liam Payne. You can find her on Instagram @amyhartxo. As you'd expect from someone who's career involves travelling the world, Hart's Insta is full of snaps from abroad that will totally make you envious AF.


Joe Garratt

ITV Studios

Joe Garratt is a catering company owner from South East London, who also used to be a semi-professional rugby player. You can find Garratt on Instagram @josephgarratt. Garratt doesn't have a Twitter, but his Insta provides an insight into his social life which seems to include a lot of outings with friends.


Amber Gill

ITV Studios

Amber Gill is a beauty therapist from Newcastle, who also has connections with last years islanders — specifically Adam Collard and Ellie Brown as she told ITV, "[e]veryone knows everyone in Newcastle!" You can find her on Instagram @amberrosegill and Twitter @AmberRoseGill. Despite having just over 100 followers on Twitter, the 21-year-old is totally ahead of the game with a hashtag for her support already up and running.


Michael Griffiths

ITV Studios

Michael Griffiths is a 27-year-old firefighter from Liverpool, who describes himself as a "hero" courtesy of his profession. You can find Griffiths on Instagram @mac_griffiths_. His Insta is already beginning the transition into his Love Island fame, but judging from his previous posts he is an avid gym-goer.


Anna Vakili

ITV Studios

Anna Vakili is a pharmacist from London, who was previously rumoured to be part of the line-up as Radio Times reports. You can find Vakili on Instagram @annavakili_. The 28-year-old recently acquired an extra 20,000 followers on her Insta after going on holiday with two Iranian footballers earlier this year. She's got a pretty big head start as a future influencer, that's for sure.


Callum Macleod

ITV Studios

Callum Macleod is an aircraft engienner from South Wales, who wants to meet someone as "time is ticking, [and he] doesn't want to be left on the shelf." You can find him on Instagram @callum_macleod. The 28-year-old seems like a family and friends man if his Insta is anything to go by — I'm fairly sure he'll be a fave for this series.


Curtis Pritchard

ITV Studios

Curtis Pritchard is a 25-year-old ballroom and latin dancer from Shropshire who is also the brother of professional dancer AJ Pritchard. Similar to his brother and his role on Strictly Come Dancing, Curtis is on Dancing With The Stars in Ireland. You can find Pritchard on Instagram @curtispritchard12 and Twitter @CurtisPritchard. If you're in the mood for some brotherly love, Curtis' Insta is full of photos of him and AJ together that will certainly make your heart melt.


Sherif Lanre

ITV Studios

Sherif Lanre is a 20-year-old chef and semi-pro rugby player from London, who describes himself as "upbeat and cheeky and outrageous". You can find him on Instagram @sherif_lanre. It's already a given that Lanre is going to be a barrel of laughs this series, and while his Insta is fairly sparse he seems like the sorta guy who loves hanging with his mates.


Time to get know these faces, as they are about to become a familiar sight for the next few weeks.