'Love Island' Star Weston's Instagram Shows Off His Creative Side

Best Possible Screengrab/CBS Entertainmen

At this point, Love Island has basically become all about Weston. The Texas native has caught the eye of more than a few women, but we don't actually know all that much about him. Even looking at Weston's Instagram reveals the Love Island contestant has a lifestyle you wouldn't expect.

Last week, Matt The Announcer described Weston as "dressed like a teenager who's mad at his parents" — is that what he's like in the real world? He's definitely not your stereotypical rancher, despite the cowboy airs the Dallas resident puts on. According to Weston's Love Island bio, he's actually a photographer, which oddly enough hasn't come up on the show. Where has this artistic side been this whole time? Maybe the other islanders have seen it, but the drama of jumping from woman to woman has sucked up all his screen time.

Weston's Love Island bio also explains that he's "great with his hands" because "he worked construction for several years before hanging up his tool belt for a camera and has been photographer ever since. Before transitioning to photography, he built his own home from the ground up." Looking through his IG, it seems like Weston spends most of his time in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, but has also traveled to Orlando, Colorado, Vegas, Oklahoma, Hawaii, Kansas, even Indonesia — truly all over!

He also clearly loves being in front of the camera too, based on all of his model pics. Here's what else we can learn about Weston from his Insta.

His Photography Is On Full Display

There are ton shirtless modeling pics of Weston on his Instagram. Like, that's basically all he posts. But since he is a photographer, there are also a handful off shirtless pics of other models that he has taken himself. Whoever the guy is above, he needs to get off those train tracks before he gets hit.

He Dabbles In Videography Too

It's unclear why Weston decided to make a video (set to Justin Bieber, by the way) that includes close-ups of fish, but some of the footage is... kind of cool, if you wanna be generous. This isn't the only video on his Instagram, but the other one is... well, see for yourself.

He's A Skater Boy

Will Love Island say "see you later, boy" and eliminate him soon?

Weston got a dose of reality this week when the women started comparing notes and calling him out for being indecisive. Once upon a time, Weston warned Cashel about Kyra, saying that the girls on Love Island were too young to not fall for every new guy that walked through the villa's doors... and yet look who's talking! He has fallen for three new arrivals in a row and recently declared feelings for, of all people, Kyra herself.

Fingers crossed that Weston took some photos in Fiji that he posts on Instagram whenever he ultimately leaves the villa. He may not be anyone's favorite islander right now, but he's clearly got talent.