'Love Island' 2018 Has Its First Couples, But A Huge Bombshell Has Just Been Dropped

The results are in, people. Caroline Flack has officiated on Love Island's first coupling up of 2018. Look away now, Danny Dyer. Your daughter Dani is partnered up, so let the crackin' on commence.

But back to the beginning, you know the drill by now. The launch episode of the 2018 series kicked-off with the girls pulling up to the villa individually, each in their own pimped out jeep. Moments after being introduced to each other and being handed a glass of fizz, Flack was sent in to introduce the newbies to this year's boys. The ladies were then asked to step forward for whichever lads they found attractive, leaving the guy in question to take his pick (that's if any of the girls stepped forward at all — remember what happened to Marcel Somerville last year?).

While most initial Love Island pairings rarely stand the test of time, there is always a chance that the couples have something special even at this early stage. Remember Cara de la Hoyde and Nathan Massey who got together on the first day of the 2016 series? Well, they now have a baby together.

So let's not waste any more time. Here's who is bunking up with who in that big old bedroom. Remember, you could be witnessing the beginning of some beautiful love stories right here.

Kendall and Niall
Love Island/ITV

Kendall might have been the only girl to step forward for student Niall, but he didn't seem too disappointed and decided he'd stick with her rather than swap for any other girl. Could these two be an early favourite for the win? Based on their Harry Potter-based flirting, things are looking good. Although Kendall might need to sign up for a few extra classes at Hogwarts to keep up with superfan Niall.

Samira and Alex
Love Island/ITV

As Samira wasn't picked by any of the boys (sadface), she was automatically paired up with Alex, who also didn't get any takers. But hey, as Shakespeare said, "The course of true love never did run smooth." The unpromising start could still lead to true love, but as Samira has admitted she's not really feeling Alex and has been eyeing up Adam, it probably won't.

Laura and Wes
Love Island/ITV

After quite an uncomfortable moment for poor Alex, when a grand total of zero girls stepped forward to indicate their interest in him, he picked flight attendant Laura. Awkwardly though, she wasn't interested. Instead, she preferred the look of DM-slider extraordinaire Wes. Let's see how long these two last.

Hayley and Eyal
Love Island/ITV

Eyal had his pick of the villa's female contingent after Hayley, Dani, and Samira stepped forward for him. But it was the Scouse model that he liked the most. Could these two be 2018's answer to Kem and Amber? Stay tuned.

Dani and Jack
Love Island/ITV

Jack the literal lad liked the look of Dani, after she stepped forward for him alongside Samira. He then impressed the inspiring actress by taking the news that her dad is a famous EastEnders star in his stride. Hopefully, tough man Mr Dyer won't scare Jack off if he shows up on meet the parents day in the villa.

Bombshell: Adam
Love Island/ITV

As is Love Island tradition, the games begin as soon as the villa doors open. While the nation might have its first couples, it won't be long before some partner stealing is afoot. The boy tasked with breaking up the very first pair is personal trainer Adam from Newcastle. He's got 24 hours to get to know the other islanders before he picks which of the girls he wants to pair up with. Bring on the drama.


So that's it, you very first Love Island 2018 couples. Which, if any, of the initial matches will make it all the way to week eight? And which of the girls will Adam set his sights on? I guess you'll just have to tune in to the next episode in to find out...

Love Island continues nightly at 9pm on ITV2.