Here's Who Megan Coupled Up With On 'Love Island' & You're Not Gonna Like It


It was the moment of truth for Love Island 2018's newest female contestant Megan Barton Hanson during Wednesday night's episode, when she was forced to choose between Eyal Brooker and A&E junior doctor Alex George in her first coupling up ceremony of the series. So, who did Love Island's Megan couple up with? The junior doctor or the failed boyband member?

Because life is cruel and women can sometimes make poor decisions in the name of love, Megan chose to couple up with snogging partner Eyal instead of Alex. "I want to couple up with this boy because he's made me feel really comfortable since I got here and he's really attractive," Megan said during the ceremony. "I feel like it hasn't been an easy decision, but I'm looking forward to seeing what happens in the future."

"I hated that," Megan then whispered to Eyal as she joined him in the seating area, and she wasn't the only one. Indeed, following the results of the coupling up ceremony, viewers shared their thoughts about Megan's decision on Twitter and it's safe to say the majority are not best pleased.

Nah, actually, they're fuming.

With Eyal coupled up with Megan, it was up to Samira Mighty to once again couple up with Alex, and — despite his rejection from Megan — at least Alex had a few nice things said about him at the re-coupling. "I want to couple up with boy because he is super lovely, super friendly, confident, and everyone in the villa absolutely adores him," Samira said. "And I know we've gone through a major rocky path but we've come up with an amazing friendship and I hope we both find our happy ending."

Following another failed romance for Alex, viewers on Twitter are just hoping he will just stay partnered with the villa's biggest babe Samira so they can WIN THE DAMN THING together.

Here are just a few of those reactions.

So, is it really over for Alex and Megan? Maybe not!

Indeed, in a later twist, it appeared Megan may have been immediately regretting her decision to recouple with Eyal. Speaking in the Beach Hut, the model suggested that she would be jealous if another girl came into the villa and claimed Alex. "Have I made the right decision?" Megan said. "[Alex] is really good looking and a such a nice person."

Love Island/ITV

She added: "I'm obviously not going to tell him, 'I still kind of fancy you a little bit, I wanna see where things go' because that's just messing with his head. I'm just praying no other girl comes in and gets Alex if it doesn't work out. I know it's greedy but I'm still unsure in my head. Obviously, I'm not going to tell the boys that."

Eyal, on the other hand, remains oblivious to Megan's doubts and was pretty smug that he was chosen at the recoupling. Speaking in the bedroom, Alex chivalrously congratulated Eyal on coupling up with Megan. "You got the girl," he said, to which Eyal replied: "Yeah, I did."

However, a later plan concocted by Adam Collard and Charlie Frederick saw Alex try to win Megan back. Eek! I just hope it's enough.

Love Island/ITV

Elsewhere in the land of new couples, Georgia got over Niall Aslam's shock departure by shacking up with Josh Denzel, while Hayley Hughes finally slinged Eyal off her hook by choosing to recouple with "full time model" Charlie. Both couples were also caught kissing while bedding down together later that evening, so it seems things in the Love Island villa are finally heating up.

And major props to Rosie for totally burning the villa's possibly reformed Adam in her recoupling speech. That didn't go unnoticed you ABSOLUTE LEGEND.

Love Island airs on ITV2, Sunday to Friday at 9 p.m.