'Love Island's Ovie Has Signed A Deal With The London Lions Basketball Team

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We all could use with some good news right now, and reports that Love Island's Ovie Soko has signed a permanent basketball deal with the London Lions is just the ticket. The Daily Mail is reporting the slam dunk deal and, you guys, I've suddenly developed a keen interest in basketball games. Especially when they involve a six foot gazillion charmer with a heart of actual gold chucking balls through hoops.

Soko rose to fame when he appeared on last year's Love Island, fast becoming just about one of the most crush-worthy individuals in the UK. And despite the nation willing him and Amber to fall for each other, he coupled up with India Reynolds.

Outside of stealing the nation's heart, Soko has had a very successful career in basketball thus far. According to the Guardian, the Tottenham native received a scholarship to a private school in Virginia in America aged 16 owing to his sporting prowess. Followed up with three years of university in Alabama and Pennsylvania.

As a professional player, despite not making NBA drafts, Soko was signed by top division Spanish team CB Murica, the Guardian reports. Which is a pretty huge deal as top division in Spanish basketball is the second most internationally renowned after the NBA.

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Soko left the Love Island villa with the nation behind him, and he shared with the Guardian that he's hopeful his legacy has been a positive one:

"If there's one thing I hope it did show, it's that being you is dope. Being original and being yourself is cool. If you're one of one, think about how valuable that is. Every single person – regardless of race, colour, gender – is one of one. Now that is some valuable s***. Excuse me."

Oh GOD he's just so charming. I hope the London Lions are ready for swathes of swooning fans in the seats.