Lucy Hale's Home Was Burglarized & More Than $15,000 In Bags & Jewelry Was Stolen

Andrew Toth/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Early morning on Friday, Jan. 5, Lucy Hale's property was allegedly violated, but she wasn't necessarily the target. Hale's LA home was reportedly burglarized according to TMZ. The site reports that the perpetrator stole about $15,000 in jewelry and purses after smashing through a front window (although the full count has yet to be reported). Additionally, the San Fernando home alarm was reportedly on and Hale wasn't home during the burglary, and although the report claims she and her celebrity status weren't the target of the random hit, Lucy Hale seems to be OK following the alleged burglary.

The 28-year-old has yet to comment on the reported robbery and has been super occupied elsewhere while voicing other significant issues. On the day of the break in, Hale tweeted about YouTube star Logan Paul. The vlogger received major backlash after posting the suicide forest video in which he encounters a man's dead body (by apparent suicide) in Aokigahara's "Sea of Trees" and tried to be humorous about it. "Please everyone. Learn from this guys mistakes," she wrote on Jan. 5. "We all make them , but this is just absolutely f*cked up." In addition to retweeting messages about men in Hollywood and sexual assault, Hale was busy at Pasadena's TCAs on Jan. 8, promoting her upcoming CW show Life Sentence.

Unfortunately, Hale isn't the only victim in a recent string of celebrity home robberies in California. According to TMZ, the LAPD is investigating 23 celebrity home burglaries, 19 of which took place in the Valley, where Hale lives (and most seem to have been done by professionals). On Dec. 27, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richard's Encino home was robbed of over $1 million in jewelry by professionals who emerged through a second story window. The burglars took thousands of dollars in handbags, jewelry, and invaluable pieces like Richards' inscribed wedding band.

Mariah Carey's LA mansion was burglarized in October, when $50,000 in jewelry, purses, and sunglasses, were stolen according to TMZ. Like Richards' break in, the perpetrators entered Carey's home through an upper level window. Other celebrities who have reportedly been victims in recent Los Angeles home burglaries include Jason Derulo (the artist was robbed of $680,000 in cash and items in October), Hilary Duff (who was robbed of jewelry while on vacation over the summer) and Scott Disick (the reality star's home was violated in May 2017).

Luckily, though, Hale has important things to focus on, like her upcoming series which she seems to be so excited about. (And she should be, because the dramedy looks awesome.) Life Sentence was greenlit in May 2017, giving devoted Pretty Little Liars fans more Lucy Hale to look forward to. The show is about a young woman (Hale) who literally lives like she's dying when she learns she has terminal cancer, but has to deal with the repercussions of her wild choices once she's cured.

Hale's Life Sentence co-stars include UK native Elliot Knight and 2 Broke Girls actor Brooke Lyons. Hale's been having the best time promoting the show, and even posted this short video goofing off with Knight a few days after the reported burglary:

In May 2017, Hale tweeted the first Life Sentence trailer, saying, "I'm so proud of this show." And she definitely has a full plate. Hale also has the movie Truth or Dare on the way, coming out in April 2017. The thriller, also starring Tyler Posey, takes on a very eerie, supernatural version of the classic game and was produced by the same production company behind Get Out.

What allegedly happened at Hale's home is unfortunate and violating, but the actor luckily has so many exciting career moves to focus her energy on.